Donut Bar
Revolving selection of confections
Donut · Downtown · $
Fans line up daily at this Downtown San Diego donut shop vending a constantly changing selection of playfully decorated, over-the-top confections. The spot has limited seating and minimal decor, so the emphasis stays on getting the goodies and getting out.
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hours Open Today · 7:00 AM - 1:00 PM
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location 631 B St, San Diego, CA 92101, USA phone +1 619-255-6360 website directions Get Directions
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Google Reviews
Really fun place and the donuts are huge and reasonably priced. The donuts are about twice as big as regular donuts so don't get too many. The French toast donut and big Papa tart were my favorite. Really unique donuts that you won't find anywhere else. Good coffee and a rotating menu also. Don't be discouraged if the life is out the door, it's still only about a 15 minute wait (as long as it isn't around the block).
Martin Bradshaw · May 15, 2018
The donuts range from $3-6 from what I've seen. They have some creative creations and most of the donuts have been delicious, but there's some that are pretty sugary even for this sugar addict. I tried the French toast donut last time I was there and it was pretty good and presentable. I also tried the blood orange and was not too fond of it and I am still under the impression that it had an insect leg at the bottom since I opted to eat the bottom before tackling the iced part and I am pretty sure that I saw a leg like a spider's leg or something but I mean it's understandable, even insects want a piece of the this delicious sweetness. I also looked at their beer selection and it was pretty decent so I'll definitely be trying a beer one of these days.
Mayra Jones · May 11, 2018
The wait was worth it. These donuts were fantastic and reasonably priced for the size and quality. There is a huge variety including vegan versions. The shop is cute and the staff are friendly. Chef Santiago even commented on my Instagram pic thanking me for visiting, which was a very charming touch. You can get a variety of beverages here too. Plus, they offer a special free donut for kids, which is a super cool thing for them to do. My favorite of the four I purchased was the Harry Potter Butter Beer donut. Delicious!
Elizabeth Douglas · April 25, 2018