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"Get the charbroiled oysters" rave fans of this Metairie–Warehouse District seafood shrine, then "sop up the buttery sauce with your French bread" for a "sinful and heavenly" delight – just leave "room to try the entrees" , which include "ample" lobsters, gumbo and fried seafood platters "crowded" with fresh catch; a "well-organized" staff maintains an even keel in the "loud" , "bustling" setting, making a meal here "a lot of fun."
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location 2 Poydras St, New Orleans, Louisiana 70130, United States phone +1 504-584-3911 website www.dragosrestaurant.com directions Get Directions
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Service was Amazing (Lisa) extremely knowledgeable of the menu and my Long Island was very good! Our tables food was good but my Poe Boy just wasn't Hot. She apologized and sent it back for a Fresh Hot one and being that it was Roast Beef I needed it HOT! It came back luck warm again. The fries and bread was good and she had it removed from the check. One thing I really want to suggest being that I'm in the industry as a leader is to recommend management do some retraining at your host stand and on cleanliness!!! The floors in certain sections were absolutely disgusting to the point a server had 3 tables Move back to back to Back because of the floors.
AE Assistants · January 20, 2018
I see a lot of reviews saying how salty the food is. That's the style of the food. It's seafood. Sea, as is saltwater. If you don't like how salty it is you probably shouldn't have ordered it. I recommend the alligator tacos, and of course, the oysters, if this is your first time in New Orleans. Very good restaurant in general. The staff was quite friendly and helpful for us, so I'm not sure what happened with other customers who's reviews are so negative.
Justin Xia · December 26, 2017
The only good thing about this restaurant were the charbroiled oysters. The rest of the experience was perhaps one of the worst I've ever had. My fiancee and I ordered different pasta dishes, and they were so incredibly salty that it was inedible. The meat they put into the pasta was fine, but they must have boiled the pasta in water that had an unbelievable amount of salt. After two bites, my lips became chapped there was so much salt. We told the server and they offered to make us something different. I ordered the tuna and avocado salad thinking they couldn't screw that up. Well, they did. They brought me the tuna entree, which was much more expensive. At this point, we'd been there for 2 hours. The server didn't comp the ticket, and $80 later we felt robbed and taken advantage of. This was our first meal upon arrival in New Orleans, and it really did set a bad tone to the start of our trip. Don't go here. The servers and the cooks don't care.
Russell Doughty · December 17, 2017