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Steakhouse · Central Business District · $$$
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"Melt-in-your-mouth steaks" "score big" at the "clubby" Cherry Creek flagship of the namesake football legend's chophouse mini-chain, but the real "highlight" may be its "meat-market" bar scene, comprising "big-spending" "cougars" , "sugar daddies" and "local celebrities" who can afford the "Super Bowl prices" (though there's "value" to be found on the "extensive wine list" ); similar perks, including "smooth" service, await at the "glitzy, ritzy" Downtown branch, the "bustling" Vail offshoot and the outpost in DIA's Concourse B, a "wonderful" option for jet-setters.
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location 1881 Curtis St, Denver, CO 80202, USA phone +1 303-312-3107 website www.ritzcarlton.com directions Get Directions
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I was extremely disappointed in the service we received. We had a reservation for 6 people at 11:45am 12/20/17. We were promptly sat. Water was delivered quickly. Drink orders were taken and quickly brought to the table. And then things went downhill. It took another 10 minutes for the waiter to come back to the table to get the food order. All 6 of us ordered sandwiches from the lunch menu, no special preparations or crazy requests. The food did not come out for 45 minutes. When the food did come out, the plates were placed in front of the wrong people. This is not the level of service you expect at a high class restaurant, which I thought Elway's was. One plate was not brought out, and when we pointed it out to the staff, they tried to take MY plate and put it in front of the person who didn't have food (she was explaining to the staff that we ordered the same thing). I ordered the lobster BLT, and the kitchen forgot to put tomatoes on it. The sandwich was mediocre at best and I wouldn't order it again. The waiter did not ever come to check on how the food was (in fact we hadn't seen him since he took the orders). We had to flag him down to get the check, another 45 minutes after we had all finished our food. Empty plates sat on the table in front of us for 10-15 minutes. Drinks were not refilled. This was a lunch service on a Wednesday. The restaurant was busy, but not full. There were a TON of staff members running around, and we were sat in the middle of the restaurant. I have no idea why we weren't given the slightest amount of attention. I have no interest in ever going back to this restaurant again.
Erika Stuntz · December 21, 2017
really good meal and fine dinning. it was our anniversary so they put flowers on the table and gave us a dessert. as with many upscale places you pay for the setting and location, not just the price of the meal. I just don't see how a 8oz filet by itself is 45$ plus $10 for each side. none the less it's a place for special occasions!!
Sky Rasmussen · January 7, 2018
Food was excellent, both the steak and the seafood offerings. The drinks were great, although it did take a while for our drinks to arrive. The staff were very friendly and timely. Many staff stopped to make sure we were enjoying our meal. They also made great suggestions on what to order from the menu based on your own personal preferences. Will definitely be going again!
Alishia Shellenberg · October 29, 2017