Fornino At Pier 6
Wood-fired pizzas & rooftop seating
Pizza · Brooklyn Heights · $
The Zagat Review
In the eternal “NY pizza wars” , these Brooklyn “favorites” are “strong players” thanks to “decadent” toppings and “perfectly done” wood-fired crusts; “price-is-right” tabs enhance their “can't-go-wrong” reputations.
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location Brooklyn Bridge Park Pier 6, Brooklyn Bridge Park, Brooklyn, NY 11201, USA phone +1 718-422-1107 website directions Get Directions
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Outdoor seating
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Google Reviews
Loved our experience here! There’s a cafe downstairs and a restaurant on he rooftop. We went to the roof. Lovely staff, great food, and a comfy atmosphere with plenty of umbrellas for shade on hotter days. The prices are great, considering it’s a rooftop restaurant in NYC, and we all know how that can be sometimes. Highly recommend!
Dylan James · May 30, 2018
The restaurant is a self-serve restaurant. I don't know if I would have chosen this place had I known that before. But I had 3 other people with me and we have been strolling 3 miles under the sun so we were not going to go any further. You can choose what you want by looking at the menu board and then order at the cashier's counter. Take a number and seat yourself. Downstairs area faces the outdoor patio and a sandy volleyball court. The table and chairs are all metal (personally, I hate them). Oven baked pizzas are 4 pieces each and cost around $15. For the party of 4, I ordered 2 pizzas and a mac n cheese. Mac n cheese was really good. Pizza was an average but too burnt at the bottom.
Melissa Shaffer · June 18, 2018
Cool rooftop spot for drinks with a fantastic view of Manhattan. The pizza is pretty good too. *Edit* I have been back here a few times since my initial 4 star review. I now give it 2 stars. I really want to like this place, but unfortunately I can't see myself coming back. I will say the pizza is delicious. But... It's $14 - $18 a pie and they are small 4 slice pies. The cocktails are way overpriced as well. Yes, this place is on the pier with fantastic views of Manhattan, but at the end of the day it is a pizza place. Not a high-end restaurant that demands $14 a cocktail. I would pay $10 max based on the small size. On my last visit, there was an insanely long wait for a table, and the bartender was extremely rude and looked as if she'd rather be anywhere else in the world than at work. My final straw is that the bathrooms are not exclusive to the restaurant. Meaning that they are open to anybody that is walking by in Brooklyn Bridge Park. They are absolutely disgusting. There are overflowing toilets and drug addicts in the restroom. My sister witnessed a heroin addict leave the bathroom stall right after shooting up. There is no toilet paper and the sinks might as well not even be there. The bathrooms are a step above a port-a-potty. If you are going to be charging premium prices for food and drinks I would expect the rest of the experience to be on par. I should not have to feel like I am using a port-a-potty at a concert with a bunch of disgusting drunken idiots. I will not be back.
Adam Corrigan · June 16, 2018