Hanamizuki Japanese Restaurant
Modern ambiance for traditional sushi
Japanese · International Drive · $$
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"Authentic" Kyoto-style fare with "Kansai flavors" is the signature of this International Drive Japanese, where the wide-ranging roster includes sushi, noodles and "cook-at-your-table dishes” like shabu shabu; the simple yet "soothing" interior likewise satisfies those seeking a "traditional choice."
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5:00 PM - 10:00 PM
location 8255 International Drive #136, Orlando, FL 32819, USA phone +1 407-363-7200 website www.hanamizuki.us directions Get Directions
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Difficult to understand because, well it is really authentic and knowing Japanese language and culture would be a plus, but that is on me. The food I did try was amazingly good. The staff was friendly and as helpful as my limitations would allow. I felt like I was in Japan ... and I loved every second of it. I will go back and learn more.
Jacques Schira · April 17, 2018
Went there for dinner today. Not gonna lie the food isn't bad but not sure why they included 18% tip in my check. When I received my check IT SAYS Tips not included please give 18%-22%. So I'm guessing it's up to me to give the tip, not them. Its probbably because Im young and dressed very causally so they assumed that I wouldn't give tips. And they said that for dinner a person needs to order at least $15 worth of food. Never really heard of that before. What if I just wanted a noodle for dinner but it's not $15, does that mean I need to order more food that I'm not gonna consume? Doesn't really make sense. Very disappointed, will definitely not go back there again. It's very rude that they didn't let you know before hand that 18% tips will be included. Not sure if this only happened to me or do they do this to all of them.
Benjamin Xiao · June 16, 2018
Love this restaurant! I was in Orlando last summer and was craving Japanese food. I was looking for non chain restaurants and was so happy to find this place. Friendly owners, and plenty of parking spaces. It's a family owned restaurant and very authentic! Menu is very extensive and you can find rare dishes like the one in Japan here!
Siri Thongpan · February 10, 2018