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Korean · Murray Hill · $$$
The Zagat Review
A “wonderful respite” in “honky-tonk” K-town, this “transporting” Korean provides “exquisite” vegan fare that tastes even better in its “Zen-like atmosphere” ; “knowledgeable” service is also part of the “relaxing” package, but “be willing to take your shoes off” – it’s a “requirement” here.
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hours Open Today · 5:30 PM - 10:15 PM
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location 12 E 32nd St, New York, NY 10016, USA phone +1 212-213-0077 website www.hangawirestaurant.com directions Get Directions
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Excellent service, food, and one-of-a-kind atmosphere! Loved taking off our shoes as we entered to sit low to the ground. Felt incredibly authentic and was very calming. The food was outstanding. The dumpling soup was very tasty - incredibly complex tasting broth for a vegan soup. The avocado rice bowl was served sizzling in a stone bowl, generous portion, and was super delicious. For dessert, the sweet red bean soy ice cream was mouth-watering, a dessert you can't find everywhere. The mocha chocolate cake was also excellent. Overall, I highly recommend making reservations here. Do note that the menu is somewhat pricey and there are "rules" (beside no shoes) at dinner: everyone must order at least $20 worth of food and for larger parties, I think of five or more, everyone must order $25 worth of food. You can split the bill among three credit cards at most. Yes is expensive, but I think it's worth it for the whole unique dining experience.
Jonathan Schmidt-Swartz · January 21, 2018
Everything about this restaurant is fantastic! It’s a total experience, from the wonderful ambience and excellent service to the top notch food. Definitely one of the highlights of our trip to New York. The price-to-quality ratio is extremely fair, and thankfully the potions are not overfacing but are more than enough to fill you up satisfactorily. Loved the added touch of having to remove your shoes (the attendant even remembered which were ours!) and they even provide “bathroom slippers” to wear to the restroom. Highly recommended!
Alicia Yasuhara · January 31, 2018
I can't say enough good things about this place -- it was fantastic! Great food (all vegan), friendly service, and all served in a location that feels like an old-fashioned Korean tea house. We tried a bit of everything, and loved every bite of it. We even enjoyed the "checking our shoes at the door" aspect of the place. I will definitely go back, and likely often!
Rodney Hunter · December 20, 2017