Hide-Chan Ramen
Specialist in Japanese noodles
Ramen · West 50s · $$
The Zagat Review
The sound of diners “noisily slurping” “cooked-to-perfection” noodles swimming in “flavorful” broth provides the background music at these “authentic” Midtown Japanese ramen joints; alright, the service can be “a bit rushed” and the setting “cramped” , but “low costs” keep the trade brisk.
hours Open Today · 5:30 PM - 10:00 PM
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location 314 West 53rd Street, New York, NY 10019, USA phone +1 212-969-0066 website www.hidechanramen.nyc directions Get Directions
Google Reviews
The space is larger than you expect. It extends around the corner to decent amount of private tables,while the front is comprised of a large food bar area and communal tables. When I first walked in, I thought the restaurant ended at the bar. The ramen was delicious. I had a pork based broth with pork slices while my partner had the vegetarian ramen. Not pork based and well done with fresh avocado, cauliflower, corn and much more. It was fresh and delicious. They have a 10 dollar pitcher of Sapporo for Happy Hr.
Richard Rivera · January 6, 2018
Delicious, fresh and fast. Great sake, hot or cold. Good atmosphere, friendly and helpful staff.
Matthew O'Such · February 17, 2018
One of the best ramen restaurants I’ve been near Hell’s Kitchen... warm and cosy place and the service is so kind and sweet... every single one of them... the food was incredible there... we had as Appetizers the seaweed, fried rice which was incredible and the takoyaki bites... I was so satisfied with everything... also for the main I ordered a deluxe ramen and a shrimp ramen... deluxe ramen was so tasty and everything was fresh and warm... our order came out very fast and I was satisfied 100%... it worths to go there totally... you won’t regret it...
Gregory · February 2, 2018