Highland Fried
Fried chicken, comfort eats & Tiki sips
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The team behind Highland Kitchen spun off this Inman Square concept, Americana cooking that centers their famous fried chicken (a longstanding Monday-night special at Kitchen), now available as a whole bird or in selected parts, and rounds it out with barbecue plates, Southern-style sides and a creative cocktail program that reflects the eatery's Tiki-inspired interior design.
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location 1271 Cambridge Street, Cambridge, MA 02139, USA phone +1 617-714-4662 website www.highlandfried.com directions Get Directions
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I’m going to give this place a weak 4. I mean nothing was inherently bad ... but it also wasn’t amazing blow your mind great. First the service was good - but to be somewhat expected on a non-busy Monday night. The food. The deviled eggs were tasty. Coleslaw was light and spirited. Burnt ends were pretty good. albeit a little oily. The fried chicken sandwich was just OK - fried, a little greasy nothing to write home about but just ok-good. The two-patty burger was flavorful but quite greasy and wet, because of the grease + special sauce combo, and you have to manage it to eat it because of the grease and lack of friction ingredients to have it stay composed. Fries were good although could probably use a double-fry technique. Mac and cheese was lackluster, tasted like plain elbow macaroni because the cheese sauce ended at the bottom of the bowl. Fried chicken tasted more homemade - not a bad thing at all, but not the best fried chicken in the city. That being said - overall a good experience. Try it if you want some chicken or BBQ and are in the area, but wouldn’t make a special trip.
Patrick Chaupham · May 8, 2018
On the heels of yesterday's take out from Highland Fried, I just had to go there in person to do a follow-up taste test. And the verdict? It's still incredibly flavorful deep fried chicken. I was curious about what they used to coat the chicken and I thought I tasted something in the coating that seemed to remind me of cereal. It was a really light crunchy coating, taking a guess here, probably a mixture of seasoned flour, corn starch, some cereal and semolina. What I'm really thinking about is a deep satisfying crunch of a deep fried chicken skin. With the melt in your mouth, warm, juicy meat. That's a tough one. The search for the world's best deep fried chicken continues. P.s. I would take a pass on the collard greens and coleslaw.
Andrew Ngui · May 5, 2018
As someone from the south, fried chicken and biscuits is pretty much a staple for me and is something I miss dearly up here. For the fried chicken, it was delicious. The skin and batter was extra crispy and well seasoned. The meat was moist and steaming hot, as it is cooked to order. Be careful eating it because it is piping hot and the hot oil might drip on your fingers. For the biscuit, it was a miss for me. It tasted like white bread with a biscuit texture. It was bland and I had to smother it with the honey butter that comes with it. Tip: ask for extra honey butter since you don't get much. I had the coleslaw for the side and it was well worth it if you want something refreshing in between your chicken. I would go here again for the chicken! Other than that, I recommend going on weekdays as you'll be waiting well over an hour on Friday and Saturday nights.
Tho Tran · February 1, 2018