Hunt & Fish Club
High-end steak & seafood place
Steakhouse · West 40s · $$$
The Zagat Review
“Sleek and sexy” , this marbled, mirrored Times Square chophouse offers “solid” steaks, seafood and game to a crowd of “heavy hitters” – and “wannabes” – who don’t mind the “big price tags” ; the “glamour” gets a boost from “impressive” scenery at the bar.
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location 125 West 44th Street, New York, NY 10036, USA phone +1 212-575-4949 website directions Get Directions
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Google Reviews
The food was fine, but our server seemed more than a little checked out. She may have forgotten to put a part of our order in, and she responded to a question about a martini with something like "I don't think we have that. I could check with the bar if you really want me to." - Just not the enthusiastic or proactive response that would have seemed more likely from a server at that caliber a restaurant. The result of the delay (there was a forty-five minute window between salads and entrees) was that we had to wolf our food down to make a theater curtain. We asked our server for an update at one point, as we were getting into "time trouble" and, without making an effort to check with the kitchen, she told us it was because one of us had asked for his steak medium well rather than medium or medium rare. We were struck by the flippant and unlikely reply. While we didn't complain, the manager, realizing what had happened, did come over and offer desserts and coffee if we were willing to return after the play. We didn't return, but that counts for a lot. We will try this place again, and I hope we will have a better experience.
Jim Joseph · May 21, 2018
Lobster Bisque with sherry cream was extraordinary! The truffle tater tots are not to be missed. One order is plenty for a table of four. They are huge and delicious! The hostesses were extremely friendly on the way in AND out. My soup, sandwich and diet coke clocked in at just under $40 bucks. It is pricey but worth it.
Miles Smith · May 10, 2018
perfect for Trump supporters, old impotent men that need to pay for sex, really... Anthony Scaramucci’s Midtown restaurant, Hunt & Fish Club, is the venue for Thursday’s “Sugar Social,” where 25 “invited gentlemen” will meet for cocktails and dinner with 35 “stunning women.” 3 The email promoting the event promises, “Sugar Socials are our solution to a relationship on your terms — upfront and honest arrangements.” Money typically does change hands. “Meet with 35 stunning women the first hour over cocktails. Select one (or two, if you like) to join you for dinner … Need help choosing the right company? Our host will pair you with someone of interest.”
Ray Davies · April 18, 2018