Ikinari Steak Times Square
A Japan-based standing bar for steak
Japanese Steakhouse · West 40s · $$
At these branches of a Japan-based steak-bar chain, customers stand and eat extra-thick cuts of beef served sizzling on cast iron, to be topped off with soy sauce. You order by weight (and even get a ‘mileage card’ to reward you for ounces consumed) and choose among two-top and communal tables in a simple brick-walled setting.
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hours Open Today · 11:00 AM - 11:00 PM
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11:00 AM - 11:00 PM
11:00 AM - 11:00 PM
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11:00 AM - 11:00 PM
location 368 West 46th Street, New York, NY 10036, USA phone +1 917-409-5940 website www.ikinaristeakusa.com directions Get Directions
Google Reviews
I live in Australia and we are used to good steak however I think I just had the beat steak of my life. I give this restaurant a 10 which I have never done before. Steak 10 Service 10 Cleanliness 10
John Anderson · May 28, 2018
top Ribeye, garlic pepper rice are soooo good! Strongly recommend!
Jessica Li · June 16, 2018
Ever since Ikinari Steak came to NYC, I have been very curious… First of all, this restaurant came from Japan. Their unique idea is to serve a steak faster and cheaper than other real-deal steak restaurants. And with that new concept, the interior is designed with tall standing tables. But, at this location, they added bar stools so that the customer doesn’t have to stand while eating. The word “Ikinari” means “sudden” or “strait into” something, so at this restaurant, you can go straight into steak, without having any appetizer, sides dishes or even drinks. Kind of fun name. This location had more seating in the back with regular tables and chairs, I assume for those people who are not in a hurry to get in and out. Each table has a laminated number. And here is where it gets just a little tricky. After you decide what you want to order, you take that number to the order station to order your steak. Side orders such as soup. salad, rice, etc. can be ordered with your server. But, the server can NOT take your steak order. The steak grill master (?) came out and sliced our choice of meat right in front of us. Yes, their steaks are cut to order, and cooked on an open-fire. The steaks are presented on a sizzling cast-iron platter. This means, there will be some spattering of the juicy oil. But not to worry, they have thought of that! Each seat comes with a bib to protect your clothes, and foldable storage bins to keep your bags from getting dirty on the floor. The staff even brought a red cloth on top to protect the bag from the spatter above as well. Now, it is time for the steak! I ordered a Sirloin and Top Ribeye. When I poured J-Sauce, I was expecting some crazy sizzle, but there was no sizzle action…I assume the iron plate got cooled down while I was taking photos… Before we got all these food, we also ordered a side of Garlic Pepper Rice. It was HUGE! It is as big as the steak! It is more than enough to be shared among two people. All the food we had were really tasty and we enjoyed it very much! The staffs here on this day, checked on us often, making sure we were well taken care of. Very attentive, friendly and gave good explanation of their food, ordering system and anything else that we asked. Joshua was really great! I know that they try to provide “Japanese hospitality” at Ikinari Steak restaurants in NYC, I think they have done a nice job here at this location!
Foodlover Girl · March 8, 2018