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Pre-theater dinners are "so much a ritual" that chef Traci Des Jardins’ "fantastic" , California-inspired French fare "ought to be included in the Civic Center ticket prices" say followers of this Hayes Valley "triumph" , a "classy" , "long-running hit" boasting "wonderful wine" and servers who "treat you like royals" ; the "supper-club vibe" signals "pricey" tabs, but it’s "always hopping" , and seating upstairs provides an elevated "people-watching" perch.
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location 300 Grove St, San Francisco, CA 94102, United States phone +1 415-861-5555 website www.jardiniere.com directions Get Directions
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Google Reviews
Hands down THE BEST KEPT SECRET in San Francisco. The most amazing blend of flavor and textures I have ever experienced from a restaurant. And if you are adventurous, ask for a chef's tasting menu. They'll make you as many courses as you'd like of the most delicious artisan food you can imagine. Expect a 3 hr dinner for the chef's tasting menu. Our 6 course meal was only $78 per person! Short on time or no reservation? Hit up the bar for a seriously delicious burger and fries. Cocktails are incredible too. Never pass up dessert here!
mona reese · April 25, 2018
My husband and I came here to try the impossible burger (which by the way is incredible, it really tastes and feels like real meet). We knew this was somewhat an upscale and expensive restaurant and we were fine with it. The food, service and atmosphere are actually really good. The problem was the bill. We had two martinis before the meal. I had a 209 gin and my husband had a Monkey 47. Now, we know Monkey 47 is more expensive than regular find, but they charged us $43 for a martini. That's what I pay for the entire bottle of Monkey 47 at our local boutique spirit store for a whole bottle. $43 for a martini is obscene and honestly unacceptable. So, overall this place serves good food, the place is great, but we will never get back and would definitely not recommend.
Daniele Severi Bruni · February 10, 2018
Friendly staff. Good prices for amazing food. I had the Charleston Golden Rice - yes as a main dish - and honestly, I didn't know rice could be that good. It was buttery and earthy without being too heavy (is that possible?). My wife had the Wagyu A5 beef - a splurge at $90 for 3 ounces - but oh my god, it was amazing. Along with the apps, salad and soup it was an amazing meal.
Brandon Banchio · January 17, 2018