John's Grill
Classic steakhouse in a storied setting
Steakhouse · Downtown · $$$
The Zagat Review
"Get a taste of old San Francisco" at this circa-1908 Downtown "time machine" , a "classic steakhouse" where "real professionals" set down "hearty" "traditional fare" and "well-poured drinks" for a "crowd of established business" types; even if some suggest the dining room "could use some updating" , it still has "historical" appeal ( "it's where Spade ate in 'The Maltese Falcon'!" ).
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hours Open Today · 11:00 AM - 9:45 PM
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11:00 AM - 9:45 PM
11:00 AM - 9:45 PM
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location 63 Ellis Street, San Francisco, CA 94102, USA phone +1 415-986-0069 website directions Get Directions
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Google Reviews
John’s Grill This place was a nice throw back. I would say it seemed to be a local place it had character. Service was good our waitress was spot on. The place has white table cloths and they put white paper on them to help save the linen. My wife had a dirty fork and there was a guy playing guitar to programmed music it was a little strange because he did not exactly play in tune or key that the other music was in. It was entertaining as he jammed away in his own way. Food was okay. Escargot and bread app was fine not sure if I ate canned escargot though but it was tasty especially to dip the bread in the sauce. I had a steak it was delicious but not great but what I expected along with a baked potato and fresh green beans and a carrot very fresh and crispy. My wife had chicken with artichokes that was bland and we had the Roquefort salad that she did not like for a place to label it’s self a seafood place I did not expect to see baby brine shrimp on the salad I was thinking it would be better presentation with a couple of 16/20 shrimp but that’s just me. A defiantly a nostalgic place I would recommend the steak that’s all I can vouch for.
Erick Dorn · March 11, 2018
Very nice place. The steak and salmon was very good. The hostess however was very unfriendly and gave us a table right next to the door which turned out to be very cold and windy. Other arriving guests were told to wait for a couple of minutes to get a better place in the back or on the second floor. This worked fine and we would definitely have done the same if we had been offered to do so. When we left and said good bye to the hostess she was watching her fingernails and didn't even look at us. Minus two points!
Thomas Heidenreich · March 13, 2018
Dark ambience stained with the age and memories of lively conversations over quality food. Cold, moist crab meat only makes you want more, hearty clam chowder, luscious seafood fettuccine glistening with melted parmesan cheese and olive oil although the mussels seemed a bit rubbery, perhaps frozen not fresh? Warmed bread meant for tearing apart and cleaning up plates. Buttery chardonnay pairs well with any plate and slows time to help savor each bite. Nothing really wrong here, so why not 5 stars?
M.A. EatsArt · March 26, 2018