Creative, Mexican-inspired food & drink
Latin American · Chinatown · $$
Chef/co-owner Gerardo Gonzalez (ex El Rey) dreams up casual, creative, Cali-Mex-inspired food at this Chinatown spot in the former Winnie’s. Mango-colored booths, unique agua fresca flavors and wines from Spain and California add to the upbeat vibe.
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location 104 Bayard Street, New York, NY 10013, USA phone +1 646-998-3408 website directions Get Directions
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Google Reviews
I came here with a group of friends for a 3 pm brunch. The place was empty except for a couple girls at the bar. It's quite a bizarre location for a restaurant, and doesn't really fit with anything else in the neighborhood. The decor is pretty plain, except in the bathrooms - where you feel like you've entered a nightclub and it is so different from the restaurant. Honestly, the bathrooms were so cool I almost wanted to just hang out in there rather than the restaurant. The food was basic and SO OVERPRICED, even for NYC - I'd expect bigger portions. I had "the Normie" which was bacon, eggs, home fries and toast. It came on the tiniest plate in the world. I asked them to hold the toast because I'm usually too full to finish it, but in this case, I immediately regretted my decision because I was still starving after that doll-sized portion. The drinks were good and service was fine. I wouldn't come back here just because the value of the food I got (both quality and quantity) didn't even remotely match the prices. I've been to a lot of NYC brunches, and this certainly didn't come close to hitting the mark.
Roxanne Barton · May 10, 2018
I've been raving about this place to anyone who'll listen. I've been for dinner and brunch and both times the food has been extremely flavorful and the staff incredibly warm. Like, let-my-friends-and-I-camp-out-for-hours warm. It's hard to pick a favorite from the menu, but the Velvet Rope cocktail is such an amazing mezcal-focused drink that I still think about it a month later. Definitely go.
Katie Macdonald · April 8, 2018
Place has a good vibe and drinks are good. But I've been there 3 times on Sundays for their events but walk out disappointed every single time! I want to like the food but I cant, if you are looking for good drinks it's great but if you're expecting 5 star food it's not. I myself am a big snob and others might like it but I myself will only be going to grab drinks with friends.
Maxx leong · April 16, 2018