Meat-centric Italian dining at Eataly
Italian · Flatiron · $$$
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A “walled-off oasis” amid the “flurry of Eataly” , this full-service Italian steakhouse within the Batali-Bastianich food hall shows a “nice range” with “terrific” chops bolstered by “excellent” pastas and an “extensive wine list” ; the venue’s upmarket pricing carries over, but most report being “well fed” for the money.
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11:30 AM - 11:00 PM
11:30 AM - 11:00 PM
location 200 5th Avenue, New York, NY 10010, USA phone +1 212-229-2180 website directions Get Directions
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Wanted to sit down and eat with some friends here. We were in the mood to share a bunch of appetizers and we’re discussing this in front of the hostess stand. The hostess overheard us incidentally and told us rudely that she would not seat us unless we ordered an entree. We asked her how that could be the case that we couldn’t get items on the menu that suited us. We were in the mood for appetizers and she told us to walk away. Unsure if this is a real rule- seemed very coincidental that she overheard us and didn’t want us to order entrees. Do the hostesses ask what meal every customer is getting before they sit down? We “walked away” as we were told, but then came back to ask again. The hostess refused to seat us. Would love to know whether this rule exists, how it is administered, and why. Seems like if it does, there should be a sign somewhere. Also the hostess is horribly rude regardless of whether the rule exists- would have gone a lot smoother if she informed us nicely.
sammy voutyras · March 24, 2018
Aperol Affumicato looks fancy for making it but it tastes bitter & nothing is special ; however, half roast duck & ribeye (20oz) are awesome. The steak is so tender, juicy & flavored. It’s just melting in your mouth. The duck is fresh, juicy, tender & flavorful too. Make sure you try these 2 dishes. It’s not too expensive compared with other restaurants in Manhattan
Chau Khuat · April 18, 2018
Second time here. Waited 30 minutes for my cow cow cow and was not worth the $42 at all. Would not come back
eric prieto · June 18, 2018