Vietnamese-Creole fusion eatery
Asian · Mid-City · $$
The Zagat Review
"High cuisine meets street food" at this Mid-City pho joint, where the cooking "marries Creole and Vietnamese" cuisines, resulting in "innovative eats" with flavors that make fans "want to lick the bowl" ; mo perks include "great cocktails" (including a bubble tea variety) and the patio (which hosts weekly "pig roasts" ).
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11:00 AM - 11:00 PM
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location 514 City Park Avenue, New Orleans, LA 70119, USA phone +1 504-482-6845 website directions Get Directions
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Outdoor seating
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Google Reviews
This isn't one of my go to places, but every time I eat there I really enjoy everything I eat. The happy hour menu includes several delicious items, wings, brussel sprouts, sticky buns, corn, and cucumbers. All were very tasty. I wasn't thrilled by the seasonal salad, but the eggplant tofu over jasmine rice was enjoyable. $5 glasses of happy hour wine and $3.50 beers. I recommend this restaurant.
GChampion67 · October 31, 2017
This place is amazing! We went here on a Thursday during holiday season and it was packed to the gills, but the server got us in as fast as she could. Service was a little slow, but given the crowd it didn't bug us. We started with the Chicken Wings (ginger, lemongrass, garlic) which were real winners. We got the pork belly as an entree, which was a bit of a let down after the wings - pork overcooked, rest of the dish was pretty flavorless. Great ambience and friendly staff all around. All in all it's a definite repeat place.
Cameron Lowell · December 29, 2017
The waiters here seem to be in a rush to get you out of the restaurant. We were here and spent over $100 and yet the waiter seemed to be in a rush to get us out of there. Kept asking us if we wanted a To Go Box. I tried to order another drink and was asked if I wanted that in a To Go Cup. And it was not like we were there at closing time or anything. Waiters need to take it easy and let customers relax and not rush them. This place is not cheap and trying to rush customers out of the door is rude. While the food is good here, the vibes given by waiters is not worth putting up with, particularly for what they charge here.
Bobby Danny · September 3, 2017