Morton's The Steakhouse
High-end chain for prime beef & seafood
American · Nob Hill · $$$
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These links of a national chain provide a "classic steakhouse" experience – "perfectly cooked" chops, "welcoming service" , clubby atmospherics – that works for both "date night" or "business" dining; no kidding, it’s a "high-end experience" with a guaranteed "big bill" at the finish, but most agree "you can’t go wrong here."
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location 400 Post St. Lower Level, San Francisco, CA 94102, United States phone +1 415-986-5830 website directions Get Directions
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Highly overpriced (even by NY standards). While the steak was good, they do not know how to cook it. There was no crust or char on the outside. I looked at the kitchen (it is an open air kitchen) and see they cook the steaks (as well as other food at the same time) in a broiler which is about 12" under the flame. Not the way to do it. If you want a good steak, there is only one place - Peter Luger's in NY. There are other steak houses in San Francisco which offer a better steak. This was a huge disappointment.
Warren Gatto · August 8, 2017
The meat was incredibly delicious, best steak I've ever had. But the rest of the experience was less than stellar: * We had to wait half an hour to get our table, even though we called in advance to make a reservation * The over-friendliness of the service staff in the states is very annoying and a bit disturbing (I'm used to North European style which is waaaaay less intrusive and more pleasant overall) * When we got the receipt there were hidden charges, like always in the states, and this will never cease to annoy and baffle me. Not only I'm forced to leave a huge tip, and pay the weird taxes, but also a surcharge (for whatever reason that is not explained). Can you people just put the final price on the menu like reasonable countries do? It makes dinning out incredibly unpleasant >_
Tuki Clavero · August 8, 2017
Surprised and relatively disappointed with the experience and food at this SF location... although I hadn't been to a Morton's in a while, and maybe things aren't same as they used to be. Ordered soup that was excessively salty, but server removed it from the bill, which was nice. Steak was good. $14 potato was not good... which surprised me, as you'd think it'd be perfect. I was also surprised by the amount of upselling that went on... from the wine, to the presentation of the loyalty club program for $25. Just seemed odd, to pay $57 for a steak, and receive a presentation on the benefits of joining Landry Loyalty Club. Whole Morton's experience was just off... but enjoyed the city, nonetheless.
David Weiss · July 4, 2017