No. 7
Creative New American comfort food
Sandwich · Fort Greene · $$
The Zagat Review
This “cool” , BAM-handy Fort Greene number is a “local favorite” for “intriguing” New American innovations ( “two words: broccoli tacos!” ); its counter-serve outlets follow up with “can't-be-beat” sub sandwiches whose “quality ingredients” and “wacky combos” likewise venture “beyond the common herd.”
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location 7 Greene Avenue, Brooklyn, New York 11238, United States phone +1 718-522-6370 website directions Get Directions
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Google Reviews
Great food, very limited menu that happens to be a bit pricey. However, we were both so pleased with our food and service it's hard not to recommend the place. Definitely a nice spot to grab a drink and get dinner. There's a full bar and a dining area, if you don't make reservations you have to sit at the communal dining tables, which we had to ourselves anyways. Right behind the C subway station. Tl;Dr mediocre prices great food.
Adriano Soares · December 16, 2017
Love this place. Came on the recommendation of a friend that lives nearby, and the staff and vibe was everything he boasted it would be: super-friendly with quite the human touch. Couches by the window, tables in the back and a calmly lit bar.
Louis Cato · February 19, 2018
I come to No. 7 about every six months, ‘cause I live two streets down and want it to succeed. The food is fantastic. Really great. And I would be in here every week, except that I tend to come in during happy hour, and unfortunately, the bartender is just not great. His drinks are delicious, but he moves at one speed and the smallest crowd gets away from him. Tonight I ordered a simple (and expensive) bourbon and soda, and after ordering it took 10 minutes to get the drink. When I needed a refill during and then after my food came, I patiently waited for his attention, which after 20 minutes, I gave up on. I was sitting right in front of the beer pulls, where he came often, and he just never looked down. The folks to my left and to my right also had empty glasses, as did most the bar. I would love to come here more, but I just can’t justify look-cute service for the price point. On a good note, a second bartender showed up as I was finishing, and it seemed he was really on his game. So maybe a later crowd will have better luck. I’ll try again in six months.
Jay Aubrey · October 20, 2017