Sophisticated Middle Eastern dinner spot
Middle Eastern · Flatiron · $$$
From Turkey to Israel to Palestine, this Flatiron Middle Eastern puts a contemporary spin on the flavors of the region, serving small plates and larger dishes to share, along with fragrant breads and desserts. Tiled floors, warm lighting and a marble bar set the mood for dinner and drinks.
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location 34 East 20th Street, New York, NY 10003, USA phone +1 212-505-3420 website directions Get Directions
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Everything besides food is really good in the restaurant (service, drinks, atmosphere). But the food is the main point of a restaurant business so there are no excuses. Out of 4 dishes we ordered, only Sea Bass Souvlaki was more or less fine, but I still could not even taste the fish and calamari, because the dish itself had too many different flavors caused by using too many spices. Eggplant Carpaccio was too sweet and too salty at the same time and I’m not exaggerating, because I really like salty food. I’ve never in my life tasted such an awful Lamb Kebab and I’ve had many of them in New York and other countries. I totally get the Middle Eastern culture and their love to spices, but there should be right proportions. They give complimentary dessert bites to each table, which I found really cute. One of them was a dark chocolate thing with a nut inside, I really liked it. Another one was smth white with a soft texture and rose flavored, it had an interesting taste. My dinner partner who is actually from Israel hated the food. We ended up going to the French place down the block, because he was left hungry from NUR. What I liked in the service part is how they actually present and explain every dish they bring out, I think it was really cool. Unfortunately, will never be back!
Anastassia S · May 15, 2018
Delicious food, and very innovative - unusual but awesome take on mideastern/mediterranean cuisine. Service and reservation systems can be improved. Worth going for the food. Drinks not bad either.
Keyur Majmudar · April 1, 2018
We had a beef tenderloin addition that was delicious, as well as scallops, challah, and eggplant carpaccio (the last two are pictured). The tenderloin and challah were my favorites. They we're just plain excellent. The eggplant was good, but almost tasted like they'd used liquid smoke to heighten the flavor and overdid it. I didn't understand the pairing of fingerlings with scallops. The decor and ambiance were nice, however I wish they'd do something about the accoustics - it's very loud and cacophonous. I really enjoyed their McKittteick Old Fashioned, one of the Rosés, and an off dry riesling. The truffle and marshmallow (deconstructed s'more?) were a delightful surprise and a delightful ending to our meal.
Dani Nolan · May 22, 2018