OOKA Sushi . Bar . Hibachi Steak house
Teppanyaki & sushi in a modern setting
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"They have it all" at these "comfortable" Japanese standbys, from "high-quality sushi" to teriyaki, but it's the "theatrical hibachi" chefs who make the experience "loads of fun" (even if they "tell the same jokes" from night to night); "the kids love it" and the price is "reasonable" – no wonder it remains a "family" "favorite."
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location 110 Veterans Lane, Doylestown, PA 18901, USA phone +1 215-348-8185 website www.ookasushi.com directions Get Directions
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Google Reviews
What an incredible place. The food was incredibly fresh and wonderful. The staff was super nice and very helpful since this was my 1st time here. They let you try things and if you don't like it they let you send it back. Very customer friendly!!
Timea Davalos · May 31, 2018
I used to come here for hibachi and sushi but after learning how DISGUSTING the kitchen is I will never return. They use a dirty trash can to mix their salad dressing and leave fish laying out for hours in hot weather. The food is good but it’s not worth it to risk my health eating possibly rancid fish. Posting to warn others of the possible dangers.
Tammy Delorenzo · May 16, 2018
One of the most disgusting uncleanly kitchens I have ever seen. I have been to this restaurant as well at the location at willowgrove several times over the past couple years. I came in late (around 2:45) for lunch one day and decided to peek in the kitchen through the doors. I was shocked and disgusted, whole fish lying out on the counter touching the trash cans, and this was when the weather was 80, probably much hotter in the kitchen. Kitchen smelled of dirty fish and I saw a dirty trash can with what looked like their salad dressing dripping down the sides . I will NOT ever return to either location and I advise others not to either.
Hans Durian · May 16, 2018