Pearl's Deluxe Burgers
Casual burger spot with lots of choices
Fast Food · Nob Hill · $
The Zagat Review
"Fat, juicy" patties washed down with "sooo-good" shakes are the draws at these Bay Area burger joints where high-end ingredients and different sizes suit both "lighter and heartier appetites" ; with a counter crew that serves your fries "crispy" and keeps "traffic flowing" , most agree "you get a lot" for the money.
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location 708 Post St, San Francisco, CA 94109, USA phone +1 415-409-6120 website directions Get Directions
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Google Reviews
Outrageously good burger, and I know burgers. I ordered the standard “Pearl’s Deluxe” with nothing but lettuce and tomato. Meat was perfectly prepared (medium rare), with fresh toppings and delicious bun that didn’t get too soggy with all the juices flowing out of that burger. To top it off, had a great conversation with the owner, who’s gregarious and a really nice person to talk to. If you are looking for a burger in a city better known for Asian fusion and other trendy dishes, you could do no better than Pearl’s Deluxe Burgers. It’s that good.
Michael Mosser · April 6, 2018
Have been coming here for a few years and the burgers never disappoint. A good sign of a great hamburger is to have the juices run down your arm. I decided to get a turkey burger this time and it was so full of flavor. Probably the best turkey burger I've ever had. We got the springs (sweet potato fries & onion rings combo) & the onion rings were a bit disappointing. They were on the greasy side but they were still good. I really wanted to try the banana chocolate shake but I didn't want to end up in a food coma!
Lydia Leonard · January 21, 2018
When I travel to the USA, I kinda like to revel in some of the really just... terrible food. Road cart hotdogs, highway Denny's, crappy diners. I love it. So I was prepared to really dig Pearl's in a low-brow disgusting way. Boy was I surprised. These burgers are legit masterpieces. Sure they're fatty and messy, but they're seriously good. I had a Prized Pearl (blue cheese on Kobe beef) and my lord it was great. Cooked to order (medium), with caramelized onions and a side of "frings" (fries and onion rings). Best burger I've ever had, no joke. Bravo. What a spectacular burger joint.
Ben Gracewood · April 11, 2018