Port of Call
Longtime hangout with burgers & booze
American · French Quarter · $$
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Locals and tourists weigh anchor at this "dark and funky" French Quarter "dive" for "legendary" , "humongous" burgers and "mouthwatering" "loaded baked potatoes" ; there's often "a long wait" , but once you've downed a few "super-big, super-sweet" (and super- "potent" ) monsoons, you'll be raring for either a "clumsy night on the town or a long nap."
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11:00 AM - 12:00 AM
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11:00 AM - 1:00 AM
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location 838 Esplanade Avenue, New Orleans, LA 70116, USA phone +1 504-523-0120 website portofcallnola.com directions Get Directions
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Google Reviews
All 3 bartenders were really rude. My wife took the only seat left at the bar and I stood behind her. They refused to take her food order because I was still standing. Problem was, I wasn't planning on eating. Kept repeating over and over that they have rules and you can't eat without a seat. I completely understood their rule and we had not intentions of breaking any rules. My wife was in a seat and trying to order a single meal and they kept refusing. Finally, after several complaints, they took her order. Then after waiting what seemed like forever for a stinking burger, a seat opened up and I sat down next to my wife. Moments after taking a seat (coincidence?), the burger arrived. My wife took one bite and realized the burger was well done and not medium rare as requested. The bartender came over and said "oh you got the wrong order. That burger was meant for the lady next to you." The bartender then walked away. Not knowing what to do, we waited for them to take the burger back, but instead they delivered the next order to the lady next to us. The staff then pretended like we were no longer there and wouldn't even look at us. We got very frustrated with the service, scarfed down the overcooked burger, paid the bill, and left. I think a lot of these great reviews are from drunk party-goers, who in that state of mind would think any food was the best they ever had. Had we gotten the correctly cooked burger, maybe I would have a slightly better review. However it doesn't change the fact that the bartenders all were completely unpleasant to deal with and seemed extremely annoyed that they even had to show up to work that day. We went there like most everyone else, to have a good time, enjoy a good drink, and a burger and got the exact opposite experience. Unfortunately, I must say that we have crossed this place off our list and have no intentions on ever going back.
Chris T · April 6, 2018
This place SUCKS. We came here for lunch with 8 people. There were three or four tables open and we told the waitress we would sit apart so that we could sit down. We continued to wait for 45 minutes while those tables sat unoccupied. Once we were seated, the waitress was SO rude. She didn’t tell us her name or come back by other than to bring the food. The burgers were pink inside and she was very rude when asked to take them back. All in all, TERRIBLE experience. 10/10 would not recommend. save your money and time!!!!!!
Claire Bollinger · April 14, 2018
The most important fact first. The hamburger was great. The place has its own style and has a constant flow of people. The baked potato was also very good and I topped it with bacon. Our diet cokes had no bubbles in them and tasted old. Service was pretty bad. No smiles, no suggestions, nothing. Just hurry and order. The overall experience was ok.
Goar Mestre · April 3, 2018