American eatery with a French twist
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"Fabulous" comfort food with a French twist dominates the "limited" yet frequently changing blackboard menu ( "much more than pot pies" ) at this "unpretentious" bistro in Westport; "pleasant" servers sweeten the deal, but the "cozy" space is "always crowded" , so make a reservation, or check out the "steal of a lunch."
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location 904 Westport Rd, Kansas City, MO 64111, United States phone +1 816-561-2702 website www.kcpotpie.com directions Get Directions
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Me and my mother arrived early on Friday night to have a nice dinner we wanted to have some of the pot pies... she got the chicken and vegetable pot pie and I got the meat pot pie... we shared a spinach salad which was absolutely delicious... for dessert we had the cookie with some type of blueberries on top of it with ice cream topping it all off... then I had the espresso Martini which was absolutely awesome... we loved the pot pies so much we ordered one to go... as we sat and ate our dinner more and more people came in so this is a real popular place and people love their pot pies... the atmosphere is small quaint and very intimate the music was very relaxing Bob Marley music.. that changed to something a little more upbeat but not too over-the-top..the entire evening was very tranquil and the service was excellent I highly suggest that this place be on your to- go list... my mother absolutely loved the entire evening and the food as well as I did and we want to go back soon to have some pot pie...
Zeal Zillner · May 15, 2018
The atmosphere is amazing. The service is amazing. The food is delicious. The drinks are perfect. And there is not a single complaint. ♥️ PotPie has a simplistic theme with a super dim lit and cozy set up. The menu is small but anything you order will be delicious and a really great sized portion. I would absolutely return! Just keep in mind that it’s a little on the higher end.
Emily Gralapp · April 15, 2018
Obviously Pot Pie is in the name, so I had to try it. And I was looking forward to it. Of the things we got that night, I was most impressed by their cocktails. They were delicious, and just what we needed to warm us up! The pot pie was okay, but I might have been expecting it to resemble what I grew up with--a thick crust with a thicker sauce to house all house veggies and chicken. I will probably be going back for their drinks and to try something else off the menu.
Alley Stonestreet · May 17, 2018