Red Fish Grill
Funky, laid-back spot for Cajun cuisine.
Seafood · French Quarter · $$
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Located at the threshold of "bawdy, gaudy Bourbon Street" in the French Quarter is this "relaxed" , "unpretentious" seafood house offering Ralph Brennan's signature fare at a relative "bargain" , including double-chocolate bread pudding worthy of "a death-row meal" ; though the "touristy" spot "can be a little noisy" , the busy waiters "never get rattled" , resulting in a "swimmingly great time."
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location 115 Bourbon Street, New Orleans, LA 70130, USA phone +1 504-598-1200 website directions Get Directions
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I honestly don’t get it. This restaurant is terrible, and yet I has an almost perfect rating. My family and I went here for Thanksgiving thinking that we were going to get fish and shrimp for dinner. Then we can in, and they’re serving Thanksgiving food. It wasn’t a big deal, but they should notify people that they’re changing their menu for a holiday because we wanted fish, not turkey. Of course they were packed, and as a result, our seats were terrible despite making a reservation. Then we found out they were serving it buffet style which also threw us off because it was so inconvenient and sloppy. No one respected the line, so we kept having people cut in front of us, so getting the food took forever. They should've just changed their menu and still served food to the people. Not much was eatable on the table beside the dirty rice and mac and cheese. I also had a prime rib steak which was practically raw. When you serve meat, you’re supposed to ask the customer how they want it cooked, not just assume they want rare and put it on their plate. Not to mention my father got all the fatty party of the meat, and raw fat is disgusting. It also didn’t help that the turkey was dry and bland. Our servers were so inattentive that it took over an hour for them to get our drinks and our check. Overall Thanksgiving was awful. My mom and I decided to give them a second chance the next day and try their Cajun and seafood, and it was no better. We ordered shrimp jambalaya, and it was terrible. It had a disgusting taste, and the smell was horrendous, and the shrimp was way too sweet. My mom ordered some kind of lemon alcoholic drink, and it was also too sweet. The only saving grace Red Fish had was they made me the perfect Shirley Temple, and it was kind of them to take the jambalaya off of our check since we clearly hated it. However, one good drink and an act of basic generosity doesn't fix a terrible lunch and a ruined Thanksgiving dinner. I honestly don't know how you can screw up jambalaya since it’s the most common dish in New Orleans. It's clear the people who like this place are rich people to prefer their fish. Don’t come here for jambalaya or Thanksgiving. You’re better off staying at home and cooking. Thank you Red Fish for ruining one of my favorite holidays.
Jasmine Donald · November 28, 2017
Excellent atmosphere! Very friendly, accommodating staff. Excellent food. First time trying jambalaya and gumbo. Both excellent. Great portions. A little spendy, but worth it for our "firsts!" Highly recommend!
Brandi Cooley · December 28, 2017
I loved it! Came here solely based on good Yelp reviews. I had the wood fired Red Fish and hubby had grouper fish. Both were cooked to perfection. I really liked the fact that you could choose your own sauce. The french bread was warm and excellent too! The whole staff was friendly without being snooty. Server was also on top of everything. I highly recommend this place if you are looking for a menu with healthy options. Did I mention that the salads are excellent too?
Lori Go · September 19, 2017