Contemporary Chinese with artful dim sum
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“Intense” flavors and “innovative” preparations make for “unbelievably good” Chinese plates and “contemporary” dim sum (a “strong suit” ) at these “lively” hangs from Ed Schoenfeld and Joe Ng; “long waits” (no reservations) and “elbow-to-elbow” seating are the downsides, but “incredible” cocktails help ensure “everyone leaves happy.”
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Note, you can’t make a reservation so be prepared to wait. Although you may not expect a good salad, the salads are tasty. The pork buns are very sweet. Sitting in one long table is kind of fun. The cod was disappointing given the cost, fish-tasting, and high oil. The jumbo shrimp with cashews comes with a lot of cashews. Their XO sauce is very good. It’s just a very expensive restaurant.
Jaye Aster Broder · December 30, 2017
Okay. I am writing this review purely from a value prospective. I admit the food is good. But for the money you are paying. Do yourself a favor, go elsewhere in Chinatown or Flushing, and I promise, you can have 3 equal or better meals. They should be serving lobsters on everything for the money they are charging. Personally, I think Chinese food should be affordable. You can have upscale Chinese dishes. But this place is not it. For everyone saying this is the best Chinese food in the city, they are clearly delusional. Friendly staff, and very hip decor. It's a white people trap in the village.
Chen Jiang · October 24, 2017
Really liked this place! A little small and cramped (two people at the end of a table is rarely going to be comfortable - luckily one of us wasn't eating and was able to scoot back. I would say it was on the expensive side, but the dishes were pretty unique which I liked. The scallion pancake special was amazing and so flavorful. Really enjoyed those. Also got the pan fried pork buns which was my least favorite of what we ate. They did need a sauce though and didn't come with anything! Just didn't have a ton of flavor but I wouldn't say they were bad. Last thing we got was the bacon fried rice, which had great flavor. Smokey and a really good portion size, but it was expensive so I'm glad it was! The drinks were great - don't remember what it was called, but we got the one with watermelon, gin, cucumber and mint and it was great. We got one with the aperol as listed and the other without and both tasted fantastic. Service was pretty good and fast although they brought everything out at different times which ended up being fine for us because we were sharing but would have otherwise been annoying. Not sure if they always do that or not!
Monica Faillace · October 11, 2017