Rincon Nayarit Seafood Restaurant Mariscos
Creative & classic Mexican in airy digs
Seafood · The Mission
Open for breakfast, lunch and dinner, this cute Mexican cafe serves well-priced tostadas, seafood and spicy snacks (plus coffee, milkshakes and aguas frescas) in a bright Mission neighborhood space that’s outfitted with cozy tables and bold colors.
hours Open Today · 6:30 AM - 10:00 PM
6:30 AM - 10:00 PM
6:30 AM - 10:00 PM
6:30 AM - 10:00 PM
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location 1500 South Van Ness Avenue #100, San Francisco, CA 94110, USA phone +1 415-654-5413 website www.rinconnayaritsf.com directions Get Directions
Google Reviews
Food was amazing. Fast and friendly service. Place is clean. WI'll be coming back.
Dora Martinez · April 15, 2018
his was the worst "mariscos" place I have ever been to. Geezuz. Smh. I read the reviews and thought it would be good but we were SO mistaken. We walk in and the place is dead, not one customer. Didn't think much, it's a Tuesday night so maybe it's slow. We were visiting from out of town and figured we just caught it on a slow day. Ok so we get in and order. After ordering I go use the restroom and wash my hands. The toilet seat was COVERED in urine. EVERYWHERE! So I wipe most of it off with paper towels,enough to where it won't soak through seat covers. Gross. You would think if they are dead that the place would be spotless (because what else do they have to do,right?) but the server/cashier was on his phone when we walked in. Ok whatever so I get to the table and my drink is there along with some chips and salsa. I go to wipe down the high chair since it's flu season and I'm putting my baby in it (I carry Clorox wipes). Yeah the wipes were dark with dirt from the chairs,again gross. I sit down and go to grab my horchata and the cup has orange lipstick still on the part you put your mouth...I'm guessing from the last person that drank out of It. They gave us no straws. So I ask the server for a clean cup without lipstick . He apologized. Brought me a new cup and drink. We had ordered a langostinos appetizer, the green ceviche, and a mixed coctel. My husband gets his ceviche and it's a small plate,not even enough for 1 person to get full and the server had said it was enough for two. Looked like a snack,not a main dish as shown on the menu. It lacked flavor. The langostinos are served in their "house sauce", again no flavor at all. We asked for them be spicy and got cheesy flavored ones served to us instead. Gross. No flavor but if I could describe them,it would be like cheese. Not a mariscos taste. Another disappointment. We got like 6 langostinos for around 17 bucks. The ceviche was pricey too and very small. Then for my coctel...I ask for it room temp, not hot and not cold. (Usually any place you get mariscos, they have the option of hot,room temp or cold). It comes and it's smoking hot,smh. Let me start by saying that they charge about 18 bucks for coctel made up of 5 shrimp, a few tiny pieces of octopus and the rest was some weird orange water. Barely any onion tomato or avocado. I have never had a coctel where the water was like orange water, not like the usual tomato color. It was weird. Had ZEROOOO flavor. Zero. Think of hot water with 5 shrimp. Yup. I had to get up and ask for ketchup,lime and salt because NONE of them were brought to the table. This is supposed to be a mariscos restaurant and lime/salt are key in eating this type of seafood. Why not bring that with the food. When I walk to the server (on his phone) and asked for the salt he asks me in return if I want salt and again I say yes,salt and lime. Also my husband asked if tostadas came with his ceviche since none were brought either. I have to say that I added,salt,lime,tapatio,ketchup and another hot sauce they had there...still no flavor. Very hard to flavor that much water. I ate the shrimp,tiny pieces if octopus and left the water. I will NEVER go back there again. The whole place needs help and they need to seriously get someone in the kitchen that knows about flavor and cooking. My god. It was horrible. We would have left if it were not for the fact that we had already settled our baby in and started feeding before our long two hour trip. Left feeling grossed out, hungry and now about 30 minutes later I have a stomach ache. Save your money people. Don't go here.Barf.
Poker Face · April 4, 2018
One of the best places to have good aguachile and empanadas de camaron!!!! Great services.
Jorge Sagastume · March 22, 2018