Roam Artisan Burgers
Burger haven with a sustainability focus
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This "excellent" burger chainlet is dedicated to "sustainable" ingredients in its "juicy, grass-fed" beef, bison, turkey and veggie patties, all gilded with "unique toppings" and washed down with "thick, delicious" shakes; you may have to "jockey for a table" at these counter-service spots, but connoisseurs "love" customizing their orders to taste, and say the price is "worth it."
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hours Open Today · 11:30 AM - 10:00 PM
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11:30 AM - 9:30 PM
11:30 AM - 9:30 PM
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11:30 AM - 10:00 PM
11:30 AM - 9:30 PM
location 23 Lafayette Circle, Lafayette, CA 94549, USA phone +1 925-385-0798 website directions Get Directions
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This place has nice decor and excellent fries, but the burgers are just okay. No one would ever say that their burger was juicy; they only offer "pink" and "not pink" for doneness options. However, there are a lot of selections for making your own style burger that can make up for the bland patty. In general you'd be better off at Hideaway, Sidebar, Eureka! or even Barney's.
Steven dosRemedios · April 16, 2018
Been coming here for a while. In the beginning the food was really good. The quality and service definitely justified the price tag. Sometime in the beginning of the year something changed. The quality of meat and flavor of the burgers changed for the worse. I keep coming back hoping to get that old thing back. Each time my experience is more disappointing. The only consistent thing about To in my opinion is the excellent customer service. The service staff here is phenomenal.
Swan Dotson · September 16, 2017
I am not sure what anyone sees in this place. I have only been there twice, and both timed totally sucked. Both times I bought a burger to go, so when they screwed it up I could not get it fixed. The first time I ordered my burger medium-well, and it was so rare I actually ended up throwing it away (believe it or not. But totally raw hamburger meat grosses me out, call me crazy call me zany.) The second time (today) I ordered it well-done to try and avoid the previous problem, and I ordered it in a lettuce wrap with cheese and avocado added. That plus a plain ice tea (nothing else) came to $17.21 !!! Seventeen freaking dollars for a single hamburger? It better be the best thing in my life at that price. Again I took it to go. When I got back to my office and opened it, they had failed to put the avocado (which was a $2.00 upcharge) and cheese (another $1.00 upcharge.) On top of that, this burger was very small -- it was a five-bite burger. I am not a burger expert, I probably buy 3 a year max, but for $17 bucks I at least expect to be full after lunch. The manager was very nice on the phone and refunded me for the missing avocado & cheese, but I will still never go here again. These people have ONE JOB -- making a hamburger extremely well. And they do not even make it average. I am shocked they are still in business. Why does ANYONE go here?
Mariah Bradford-Urban · December 11, 2017