Rusted Mule
Chic tavern with upscale bar bites
Bar · Polk Gulch · $$$
Elevated bar bites go with on-tap cocktails, wine and beer at this expansive, group-friendly Polk Gulch lounge with a gleaming black bar, exposed brick and whiskey-hued booths on two levels, plus metal sculptures and playful lighting.
hours Open Today · 5:00 PM - 12:00 AM
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location 5516, 1217 Sutter Street, San Francisco, CA 94109, USA phone +1 415-771-8292 website directions Get Directions
Google Reviews
Its a beautifully remodeled space but I was a little let down by the food. We popped in for a quick drink and a bite before the movies and ordered what we thought were mini corn dogs and ended up getting a bunch of deep fried carrots... not my favorite dish! We went back few weeks later for another drink and just decided it wasn't our kind of place.
Steve Bigley · April 5, 2018
Went here on the evening of March 24th for a friend's birthday party. I was having a great time until it was time to order drinks. There was one bartender in particular that spent more time high-fiving people and chest bumping his friends rather than actually serving drinks. When he finally took my order, he then went to the other end of the bar and started socializing and making drinks for a separate group of people that he did not take an order for before me. He did this about four more times until I finally flagged another bartender. He did this with other customers too. Safe to say I'm turned off from this place.
Suresh Chinapen · April 22, 2018
Was here last Friday evening. Got there at 6pm. It wasn't even that crowded, but took a long time to get a drink at the bar. Later in the evening, when it was really crowded, service at the bar was even worse. One cocktail waitress walking around for the WHOLE place and 2-3 bartenders. Clearly understaffed for a Friday night. We were wanting to order food but didn't, because we knew the wait would be too long. We eventually left to go somewhere else to eat. Cool, physical space though.....
carolyn · January 21, 2018