Salt & Fat
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Creative New American small plates
American · Sunnyside · $$
The Zagat Review
The name shows a “sense of humor” , but they “take the food seriously” at this Sunnyside “rising star” where “inventive” small plates showcase a “delectable” blend of New American and Asian flavors, offered at “Queens prices” ; “no reservations” and “tiny” dimensions mean “waits” at prime times.
location 41-16 Queens Blvd, Sunnyside, NY 11104, United States phone +1 718-433-3702 website directions Get Directions
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The food is delicious and innovative. The service is welcoming and friendly. The ambiance could be better but not a deal breaker. Salt & Fat is located conveniently across the street from the 7 train stop and not too far from Manhattan. There's nothing much else to do in the neighborhood from what I saw but it was also around 10pm so a lot of the surrounding stores were closed. The starter popcorn wasn't fresh or hot so it was a bit cold and soaked with the duck fat. It might be better if you came earlier. But it's a small detail. My only comment is that the menu overdoes it on the fat... this isn't a restaurant for gluttony and some fat is good on dishes but at some point, it seems to try just a bit too hard. Nonetheless, the food was wonderful and the plating is beautiful.
xiao hello · June 8, 2016
This place is terrible. A tapas style cuisine should have portion sizes you are able to share. Also they should offer dishes that are normally shared. I ordered a salmon and my girlfriend ordered a pork chop. Who shares those types of dishes on a date?? When they came out with the salmom and I asked where the pork chop was it hadn't even been put to cook yet because we were expected to share the salmon first. The waiters have no uniforms and look extremely sloppy. My girlfriend and I decided to leave before the pork chop came out because everything was taking so long. Completely over priced and I will never be back. Queens Blvd is full of many more restaurants worth your time and money.
Anthony Ayala · August 21, 2016
One of my favorite places in the city. Creative, nostalgic yet modern dishes. Amazing every single time. The bacon popcorn and marshmellow ice cream keep me coming back.
George Zhuo · August 30, 2016