Santucci's Original Square Pizza Italian Market (Christian St)
Italian fare & cheese-under-sauce pizzas
Italian · Bella Vista · $$
The Zagat Review
"Pizza night can't get better than this" say fans of the "different" but "delicious" pies turned out by "nice" people at this "reasonably priced" pizzeria chain whose signature is the square, "sauce-on-top" pie; a few fuss that the "decor could use some love, but the food more than makes up for it."
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location 901 S 10th St, Philadelphia, PA 19147, United States phone +1 215-825-5304 website directions Get Directions
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Google Reviews
Okay, I typically take these reviews with a grain of salt, but I think a few of the negative views may be correct here. First of all - the pizza. The square pizza that is so hyped, is a version of a Chicago deep dish pizza. It has cheese on the bottom, and sauce/toppings on the top. The crust - not bad at all. Instead of the flaky goodness of a Chicago pizza, the crust is more of a standard pizza crust - soft with some crispy edges. The sauce - I have a problem with it. Another reviewer described it as being like spagettio sauce with more tomatoes. I have to agree. It's not special at all. The texture is smooth and runny with few spices. For toppings I chose pepperoni and fresh mozzarella. The pepperoni was standard with no special flavors. The fresh mozzarella was wonderful, although used sparingly. Overall, the pizza was solid, but did not excite me the way other Philly pizza makers are able to do - with their unique flavors. Also, while I was waited on frequently, the server had all the charisma of copy paper and no smile in sight.
Britton Holliday · December 31, 2017
I was thoroughly impressed. This has the be the best spot for pizza in the area. The service was friendly and fast. We had the square regular cheese pie, the margherita and sausage. The regular pie was out of this world. The sauce has to be the tastiest sauce I have had in a long time. I highly recommend stopping in.
Steven Vona · December 4, 2017
I had a good experience here, but not a five-star one. I got the margarita pizza, which had lovely fresh basil and rich, warm, not-too-sweet sauce. However, the crust was not all I had hoped for, and the service left a little to be desired. 4/5 would eat there again though!
Eli Spector · January 3, 2018