Serendipity 3
Legendary dessert destination
American · East 60s · $$
The Zagat Review
“Must-try” frozen hot chocolate is the signature and the other American comfort offerings are mere “prelude” at this “whimsical” , circa-1954 East Side sweets 'n' gifts “institution” ; despite “high prices” , “sassy” service and “crazy crowds” , it's a magnet for “tourists” and “grandchildren” alike.
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location 225 East 60th Street, New York, NY 10022, USA phone +1 212-838-3531 website directions Get Directions
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Google Reviews
What a delightful experience. It felt like being a kid again. I browsed through their mini gift shop for trinkets while I waited for a table. It wasn’t long before I got a table. The restaurant was whimsical. It was decorated with a disco ball and mosaic art. The menu was pretty simple: desserts, pasta, and burger. It’s not a place where you go to find something if you have dietary restrictions. There’s nothing on the menu that’s vegan. The dessert with the least dairy product is their chocolate cake as per server. We asked to share a slice which was big enough to share. Simple chocolate cake with raspberry sauce and an array of fruits. Our server had literally placed every kind of fruit on the cake after asking if we could add some fruit on the cake. The server gave us more than what we’d asked and we were quite satisfied. I’d definitely come back and take a family member for the experience. The food portions are large enough to share with people and they seem to make their customers happy.
Tere GB · May 30, 2018
This place was cute and I really think that it has potential. The "frozen hot chocolate" was decent, though nothing too special about the White Chocolate Flavor - tasted like vanilla bean ice cream. The Salted Caramel was pretty good though. I will say that the waiters here need to learn to smile. I went with my boyfriend on a non busy weekday and we got mediocre service from the waiters. The girl at the front that showed us to a table was friendly and had a nice smile, which is why they probably put her in the front, but the waiters looked like they couldn't wait to leave. Overall I enjoyed the dessert and the decor; I came just to see it and say I have been to "Serendipity" (wanted to come here because of the movie). I think I would visit again, but the service made this experience just average.
Christopher Bates · June 1, 2018
GIGANTIC sundaes!! Delicious!! They weren't cheap on what they gave you well though I thought it was a little expensive maybe not for New York. They're supposed to be very famous for their frozen hot chocolate which looks really good but I didn't try it LOL I would highly recommend going there. From what I understand, there are lines. we had to wait about 20 minutes, but it was well worth the wait
Susan Lane · June 17, 2018