Shake Shack - Union Station
Gourmet burger chain with frozen custard
Burger · Capitol Hill · $
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Danny Meyer’s NYC-born hamburger chain offers “messy” , “damn delicious” patties paired with “underrated” fries and “addicting” frozen drinks; critics cite “minimal” decor, “always-crowded” conditions and too much “hype” , though the “helpful” service is fine as is.
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location 50 Massachusetts Avenue Northeast, Washington, DC 20002, USA phone +1 202-684-2428 website directions Get Directions
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BY FAR THE MOST AMAZING BURGER AND SHAKE COMBO IN THE COUNTRY. The marshmallow milkshake was as if I took a slurp of heaven. The juicy burger melted in my mouth and pleased my taste buds. Unlike Uno's Pizzeria and Grill, they were actually worth the wait. Also, the fries were perfectly done and the ketchup was off the charts. If I could live in a shack that serves burgers I wouldn't hesitate whatsoever. Wonderful, just wonderful.
Evan Brown · June 14, 2018
Love this shake shack. I frequent this establishment before or after going on a DC tour. Since it's inside Union Station it has a bit of a mark-up. Service is fast and great by the staff. Very long line during visit but food relatively came out quickly. Best combo would be a double smoke shack with bacon cheese fries and a black and white shake. MmmmMMMMmMMmmmmmmmmmmmmm........... It's about 2500 calories but hey we only live once. Might as well be with bacon
Stephen Lee · April 12, 2018
I was underwhelmed by the small burger and very tiny shake. I bought a double burger with bacon and a shake, no fries. $20. I ordered thinking I would be stuffed, but instead I left hungry. One reviewer said the chocolate shake was too chocolatey. I can see what he meant, but I think it is more that the sweetness doesn't ramp up with the amount of chocolate flavor. Either way, it didn't taste all that great, and the chocolate was overpowering. The burger only had flavor to the gobs of toppings on it. The meat itself lacked any detectable seasoning or flavor. Seemed like a hunk of fatty hamburger meat fried up on a cooktop and that's about it. Overall, the portions were absolutely small. The manager was quite friendly and the place was clean during my visit, and I was able to eat away from the usual panhandlers in the station, so I upped this to 3 stars instead of the 2 I was going to give it.
John Rector · April 20, 2018