Shaking Crab
Creole cooking & spicy seafood
Seafood · $
Channeling New Orleans by way of New England, the Creole cuisine at this down-home eatery focuses on boiled seafood like crab, lobster and crawfish, poured into bags and shaken with spices, then complemented with Southern sides, sweet tea and boozy punch bowls for communal sipping; the Cambridge location also has a big draft beer list.
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location 1815 Massachusetts Avenue, Cambridge, MA 02140, USA phone +1 857-259-6147 website directions Get Directions
Google Reviews
To start the food was great. My compliments to the chef. The service however was a little disorganized. A gentleman who i believe was a supervisor or manager said their ordering system wasn’t working properly which i can understand. Technology never ceases to fail when you need it most. Basically My mother got her entree and i got the side to my entree first before getting our appetizer and my entree came right before the appetizer did. My waiter was friendly and professional despite all the confusion that seemed to be going on. I’m not sure how new this location is but I’m confident after a little more time they’ll run like a fine tuned machine. I ordered a second entree to go and i have every intention on dining with Shaking Crab again.
Brianna Davis · February 15, 2018
The food was wonderful, I don’t eat crab but wow it was my first time going into this location and I have no words . I had the waitress bring out the cook just so that I can thank her. I believe her name was Frances. I recommend this location to anyone . It is very family friendly , my kids like to eat their chicken wings as well! By the way I think this is a new location . They get 5 stars from me.
Keishla Rodriguez · February 13, 2018
The food was amazing! My group had a good mix of food and it was all delicious. Also super friendly wait staff and very nice decor!
Ashleigh D · February 13, 2018