Shun Lee Palace
Chinese fare in an elegant setting
Chinese · East 50s · $$$
The Zagat Review
The “epitome” of “high-class Chinese” dining, Michael Tong’s circa-1971 East Midtowner delivers “excellently prepared” , “old-school” fare in an “elegant” dining room; OK, so maybe it’s a “bit dated” , and prices are up there, but its “charming” vibe still works for a “special” night out.
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location 155 E 55th St, New York, NY 10022, USA phone +1 212-371-8844 website directions Get Directions
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Google Reviews
I went with a group of friends to Shun Lee Palace on the East Side. Their drinks list was the standard beer and wine. No specials or ginger beer. We began with appetizers, which were good, but generic. This was followed by the entrees, which were steamed fish, steamed vegetables and other fairly bland food. The dessert was a nice selection of fresh fruits. Overall, the service was excellent, the food was mediocre, and the price was a joke. For a variety of steamed, unseasoned dishes, it cost $120 for one person. The waiters were friendly and helpful, but you can do better elsewhere.
Bob Treue · December 20, 2017
Decor was well designed and the food was great. My only negative was the fact that all the employees (and I mean about a dozen or so) were standing around practically watching us eat. Granted it was really slow at the time we went in, but it felt really awkward.
Pete Evans · March 17, 2018
Upscale, pricey, and meh. Seriously, that about covers it all - its elegant, the decor is calming, white linen on the tables, nifty art on the walls, etc. The service is about the same, elegant, refined, and that's when the hiccups start - it just doesn't follow through all the way (share plates offered, but not delivered, spilled tea, etc) The food is about the same too - good, but not *that* good, a tad over-oily, muted flavors, and all in all, not really anything befitting the price (or heck, anything much beyond a run of the mill Chinatown restaurant) So yeah, don't go...
Mahesh Paolini-Subramanya · January 18, 2018