High-style American restaurant & bar
New American · River North · $$$
Swanky art deco environs house this all-day American from the Boka crew serving classic cooking and cocktails in the Gold Coast’s Viceroy Hotel. Brass fixtures, blue banquettes and mezzanine seating lend a retro yacht-club feel to the high-style interior, and there's seasonal outdoor seating too.
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hours Open Today · 7:00 AM - 10:30 PM
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location 1112 North State Street, Chicago, IL 60610, USA phone +1 312-586-2150 website directions Get Directions
Zagat Mentions of Somerset
Google Reviews
Fantastic establishment. Intriguing style, ambiance, and decor. Almost has a 1920s allure. The service was impeccable and the kitchen was on point for every dish. We really enjoyed the dinner rolls and starters. Vodka selection was solid and bourbons were great.
PK Graff · February 4, 2018
In short: excellent food and very attentive staff. I'm vegetarian and my server went out of her way to ensure that I could eat what the rest of the table ordered, delivering the meat components of dishes separately where possible. The only dish I had to myself - the mushroom Bolognese - was lovely. The whole meal, including wine, was relatively keenly priced. It's not the cheapest place to eat in the area, however.
Richard Ware · February 16, 2018
This was my second visit to Somerset. The first time the food was great as was the service. Not sure what happened but my second visit seemed to be at a totally different restaurant. My biggest complaint was that our server was HORRIBLE! His name was Michael and he was incredibly pretentious. Kept walking around the restaurant with an air about him like he was the owner of the place not the waiter. We were seated, he handed us our menus, we placed a drink order, then we didn't see him again for 30 minutes. We sat there sipping our water wondering where our drinks were. Waiting 30 minutes for a drink order is incredibly unacceptable. I wish that was the end of our bad service. He kept walking around the restaurant back and forth not really doing anything, then came back and took our appetizer orders. Knowing how long our last drink order took, I then ordered another drink. after 15 minutes, I asked him where my drink was and he replied I didn't know you had ordered a drink, I thought you were complimenting me on how good the drink was. I watched as the bartender made my martini and put it off to the side. Again our waiter was just walking about, after 15 minutes I again asked him where my drink was, he went to the bar, grabbed the martini, brought it over and lied to me that the bartender had just made it, and I told the waiter I knew he lied. He just laughed it off. So twice I waited 30 minutes for a drink order, thankfully he does not bring out the food because I probably wouldn't have gotten it. Sadly, the food on our second visit was not very good either. I ordered the same dish I had ordered the first time. A squid ink pasta with shrimp and calamari. My dish had 2 shrimp and 4 calamari rings in it (yes I counted). For a dish that was $28 it should had more than 2 shrimp. Also my wife had a short rib that and while she enjoyed the flavor, it was very tough. I enjoyed this restaurant very much our first visit, what happened to this restaurant?
Eric Quigley · January 28, 2018