Soto Japanese Restaurant
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Sushi joint known for its sea urchin
Japanese · West Village · $$$$
The Zagat Review
An “uni lovers' paradise” given the many “novel” preparations, this tiny West Villager also offers “sublime” sushi and other Japanese bites courtesy of chef Sotohiro Kosugi; the “spare” space has a “serene” vibe, which can come in handy when the bill arrives.
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location 357 6th Ave, New York, NY 10014, United States phone +1 212-414-3088 directions Get Directions
What To Order
Uni cocktail
Scallop and fluke shiso agedashi
Insider Tip
Try to snag a seat at the sushi bar where you can often see owner Sotohiro Kosugi at work.
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Google Reviews
Really good meal, pricey and ~3 hours long. All the uni dishes were excellent. The appetizer / pre-sushi courses were better than the sushi courses. While I enjoyed them I was expecting a little more out of the sushi.
Eugene Lipsky · September 23, 2016
I'm only giving it three stars because the food is amazing. The service, however, is in need of immense improvement. The serves are unqualified for the caliber of New York City service. The management is even worse. Before even coming to the restaurant I received a phone call from the hostess letting me know that the reservation I made at 8:15 would be moved, suddenly, to 9pm. I've never heard of that being done in any other restaurant, especially a Michelin. Upon arriving, we had to wait another 20 minutes for the party occupying our table to leave. Clearly, the logistics of Soto are severely underdeveloped. The decor is fitting because it reflects themes of the artist Soto. In only wish that the essence of the restaurant represented the Japanese culture which is so perfectly timely, humble, and efficient.
Sophia Alvarez · February 27, 2016
The venue doesn't look like much from the outside - or the inside for that matter. Small, white, clean straight lines with wood tables and chairs. Four chefs work quietly behind a bench producing pure Japanese magic. The food was a work of art, and when you worked up the courage to eat it you are rewarded with the best Japanese food in NYC.
Moriam Robinson · August 31, 2016