Airy cafe serving modern American fare
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This quick-serve American mini-chain from the Mixt team focuses on the fresh, local and from-scratch, with a well-priced menu of classic eats, baked goods, Four Barrel coffee and, in some locations, beer and wine. Each cafe keeps things light and casual, with modern design and a buzzy atmosphere.
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hours Open Today · 9:00 AM - 9:00 PM
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location 2300 Polk Street, San Francisco, CA 94104, USA phone +1 415-296-8009 website www.spliteats.com directions Get Directions
Google Reviews
This place was recommended to us by locals. Great atmosphere and food. We had a smoked salmon avocado toast and chorizo hash. Delicious! Coffee was good as well.
Olga Kapko · January 13, 2018
Typical, trendy SF hipster place. Pretty good food, clean decor, high prices.
Beth Blair · January 20, 2018
Used to really like this place, despite the bored/annoyed/couldnt-care-less attitude of the girls taking orders at the counter. Until today... one of the staff (apparently the manager) kept opening wide, as much as possible, the windows towards the street, despite the fact that clearly some customers were cold and closed them a couple of times, and without asking anyone near those windows whether it would bother them or not. Yes, it is a sunny day, yes it is California (Northern, actually), but outside is 61 F at best, not exactly warm, unless you have just come from a work out, a run or from the kitchen. So I understand that staff may wish it to be cooler, especially in the back quarters where they work on the stoves, but then why don't you have the staff dress lighter and use AC to cool down where needed rather than creating the conditions for your customers to get annoyed and possibly a cold?! If that was an attempt at increasing turn-over, you may have succeeded in the short term (we left instead of staying longer and adding a lunch to the breakfast we had), but with this kind of behavior you are going to lose customers in the long run, especially considering that there is an abundance of alternatives there on Polk St. We and our friends will certainly think twice before coming back. Hopefully you are not going to add yourself to the list of trendy and crazy, pretentious, unreasonable dining/cafe' places in San Francisco!
Matt Moore · November 18, 2017