St. Elmo Steak House
Ritzy landmark for chops & seafood
Steakhouse · $$$
The Zagat Review
"Steak the way God intended" and a "fiery" shrimp cocktail pack plenty of "zing" at this Downtown landmark delivering "memorable" dinners in a white-tablecloth setting with "top-notch" service (and occasional "celeb sightings" ); sure, you'll "pay handsomely" , but most agree it "surpasses expectations" from "start to finish."
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location 127 South Illinois Street, Indianapolis, IN 46225, USA phone +1 317-635-0636 website directions Get Directions
Zagat Mentions of St. Elmo Steak House
Google Reviews
It's no Charles Mulligan's, but it's still good enough for Ron Swanson. If you're reading these reviews because you're looking for a good steak, then stop. You don't need to look anywhere else. Some people claim to be the best steakhouse, but St Elmo's has EARNED that reputation. I love the interior, it's not heavily lit or stuffy. Never overcrowded (except the bar area, but it's a bar.) The servers never bug you too often, and always keep a close eye just in case you need them. The bartenders are very generous with the drinks, and the mixture of bread you get when you're seated is a nice change of pace. But let's cut to the chase here - the steaks. Holy hell, they are good. The hype is real, and the reputation is solid. If you ask for a steak to be cooked correctly (medium rare), it actually comes out correctly. If you come on Sunday they offer their Devour Downtown special, which gets you a three course meal for around $50. And it's the best $50 meal I've ever had...multiple times. St Elmo's is a sister restaurant of Harry and Izzy's, so you can also get their famous shrimp cocktail here. My wife loves it, but it's not for wimps. It has some SERIOUS heat to it. If you haven't been yet - Come on a Sunday, try their meal special, and immediately get hooked.
Cory Thielen · April 18, 2018
This is my favorite "mafia" steakhouse. The food is excellent and it is the perfect place to get a steak. We started our night out grabbing drinks and then moving down into the basement for the meal. Our group of 4 ordered close to $800 of food and drinks throughout the night. I love the dark lit basement and the way the servers visit you a perfect amount. We were well taken care of during dinner and the food was amazing. I will probably go here every time I visit Indy.
Mark McCormack · March 20, 2018
I don't like complaining about dining experiences, but when you pay so much for something you do expect EVERYTHING to be amazing. The service was well under satisfying. Our server came by a minimal amount of times and was not friendly. His response to questions were a bit off-putting. We went to celebrate a birthday and he was aware of this. At the end he asked if we'd even be considering dessert for the birthday or if we were finished. Didn't even advise that we got anything special for birthday celebration, etc. At beginning when we asked if bread would be brought out his response was only after we ordered our meal. It was a very odd and unexpected service experience. I did enjoy the food but to me service makes the experience. Eddie Merlots is my ultimate Indy favorite steak place. The service and food is almost ALWAYS exceptional and this is a place I frequent quite often. Way better and less money.
Jennie Staton · March 5, 2018