Michael Mina's glam Mandalay Bay eatery
Steakhouse · The Strip · $$$$
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This “high-end” Michael Mina “gem” inside Mandalay Bay is a steak-lover’s dream, offering “grilled-to-perfection” meats including Wagyu and Angus beef, plus “better-than-average” sides and “amazing cocktails” ; the food is matched by equally “excellent” service, and it's all wrapped up in an ultrachic setting that – despite getting “a bit noisy at times” – is “otherwise fantastic.”
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4:00 PM - 10:00 PM
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4:00 PM - 10:00 PM
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location 3950 South Las Vegas Boulevard, Las Vegas, NV 89119, USA phone +1 702-632-7200 website directions Get Directions
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Food was great and the service is great the only reason why I am giving two stars is cause when I asked the waitress Jennifer if I can have a new drink cause my glass had a chip and was cutting my lip I did not appreciate it when she took it back to the bar a starting laughing at me. Especially when we are sitting right in front of the bar I do believe that 4 people thought it was funny. I have never found unsafe glassware to be a funny issue. But well the hell I was only here for my b day. Thanks guys
Carlos Sarmiento · April 8, 2018
Service and atmosphere were excellent, but I don’t understand all of the hype for the food. For as expensive as they are, I expected to have one of the best meals of my life but it didn’t even come close. The New York Strip was good but there are so many other places that have steaks just as good for a quarter of the price. Our table also tried the three potato options and none of them were very good.
Chris Fiduccia · May 2, 2018
If I could give 0 stars I would...worst restaurant experience of all time. Despite the reservation being made for a certain number of people the table was set for 5 seats too few. While we stood around the table trying to figure out seating with the waitstaff another table started getting extremely nasty about us standing "too close" to them (sorry, didn't realize you were so important no one could be within 3 feet of you). We apologized and moved out of the way but instead of going back to their evening they decided to proceed to try and pick a fight with the person from our table who finally got a seat behind them. We were then asked to move so that we wouldn't bother this table..."They already ordered food so we can't really ask them to move or leave." They continued to argue with our table until finally 12 of our 25 person party left...and THEN continued to stare at the rest of us and complain to restaurant management about what I'm not sure. Once we were all seated it was over an hour before our orders were taken...and I am just now walking out at 10:20 pm...we sat down at 6:45. Management thought a round of fireball shots was enough to fix terrible customer service and mismanagement. If it wasn't obvious the 4 top who couldn't mind their own business wasn't looking for a free meal then I don't know what obvious looks like. I'm sure they paid nothing because we could see then still pointing at us from the hostess stand after walking out. Our bill was completely undiscounted after having to ask for it to be brought to us finally, rest assured. There is no excuse for poor customer service, I hope your 4 top made you more money than the 25 person party you lost out on. TL;DR version: if you want a mediocre $80 steak, high blood pressure from the worst service you could imagine and have 4 hours to burn...this is your place. I've had better experiences dining at Denny's.
Emma Stichhaller · June 3, 2018