Sushi Yasuda
Upscale Japanese fare near Grand Central
Japanese · East 40s · $$$$
The Zagat Review
“Sushi of your dreams” awaits at this “hidden jewel” near Grand Central, where disciples of the namesake master chef craft “heavenly” traditional cuts in a “spare, Zen” setting run by an “efficiently courteous” crew; “the price matches the quality” , so “be ready to spend a bundle” – especially if you “go for omakase” at the bar.
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6:00 PM - 10:15 PM
6:00 PM - 10:15 PM
location 204 East 43rd Street, New York, NY 10017, USA phone +1 212-972-1001 website directions Get Directions
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Omakase menu
Flash-fried shrimp
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Business dining
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외국인들 나가고 들어올때는 그렇게 인사도 허리숙이면서 몇번이고하고 웃음 지어가면서 그렇게 인사하더니 우리가어려보여서그런지 아니면 동양인이라그런지는 잘 모르겠지만 뻔히 똑같은 매니저(매니저인지확실친않음)가 나가는 카운터에 있었고 다른일하는사람 한명 더 있었는데 나갈때 인사도 하나도안하고 아예 무시하더라고요. 10분전에나가던 외국인들한테 하는 행동과 너무나도 달랐습니다. 그리고 처음들어갈때는 들어가는문이 이중문이었는데 그 바깥쪽 문닫히면 다음문열어서 들어오라고 안에서 정색하면서 얘기하질않나.... 서버남자분은 정말 친절하셨는데 이런걸로 기분안나쁘시고싶으시면 안가시는거 추천. 참고로 거기직원 다 일본사람. 죦냐 읺죵챼볋인즤 뭖지 챼별 오쥐걔 햽니댸~~~~ HOW MANAGER(?) AND ANOTHER GUY BEHAVED WAS SO DISRESPECTFUL. MY FRIEND AND I DEFINITELY FELT SAME. IT WAS SO UNPLEASANT. I’ve never made any comment on google map like this before. But this time, i felt that i have to do this for sure. But the server guy was so nice.
Minji Kim · February 21, 2018
Amazing place for high quality sushi. I suggest sitting at the bar and trying the omakase menu (chef prepares anything he wants until you say stop), your wallet will take a hit but your taste buds will love it. The staff, decor, and ambiance were fitting of a Michelin star restaurant. I loved the fact that all employees were paid enough to not accept tip.
Simon Khong · January 31, 2018
Having lived in Japan for a significant period, I have pretty high standards for sushi. That being said Yasuda produces the best sushi I've ever had in the States and even rivals places in Japan. The fish is always fresh and the service is exceptional. Extra points for fresh Wasabi. By the end of the meal you might forget you're still in New York.
Richard Auth · February 6, 2018