Texas de Brazil
All-you-can-eat Brazilian steakhouse
Steakhouse · Streeterville · $$$
The Zagat Review
"Wear your stretchy pants" and come "extra hungry" to these Brazilian chain steakhouses where "energetic" gaucho waiters deliver an "endless" parade of "tender" , "succulent" meats, and the "fabulous" , "ever-changing" salad bar is a "meal" in itself; the upscale-casual spaces are "comfortable" and inviting ", and while they're not inexpensive, you're guaranteed to leave with a " full belly."
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location 210 East Illinois Street, Chicago, IL 60611, USA phone +1 312-595-0913 website www.texasdebrazil.com directions Get Directions
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Google Reviews
The food is always wonderful and the experience is worth sharing with friends. Here I am going to focus on what I found to be a large negative. Since location is paramount to any business, this location is not ideal. It is far too hidden from traffic. The layout is not friendly to navigate for a restaurant such is this where one course is self-serve and the rest is brought to you through a parade of skewer wielding servers that come to each patron. People are crushed together in some spots with limited elbow room. This location is by far not suited for a destination gathering place such as Texas de Brazil. I am sure their aim was to stay close to the Mag Mile. Maybe they should have shopped elsewhere.
John Dodge · March 7, 2018
Great meat, veggies are pretty good too. great service. Could've more fresh fruits on the salad bar and a little more information on allergens. however it is pretty easy for someone with gluten intolerance or other allergies to eat there.
Isabel Mendez · March 9, 2018
Me and some friends went out for my friend's birthday, we dined at Texas de Brazil and it was one of the most horrible dinner experiences I have ever had. Once everyone got there and we were seated it then took about 15 to 20 minutes for them to bring any type of meat out. All the meat that was brought out was well done which unfortunately I don't care for well-done meat myself. The salad bar selection did not meet our expectations for the prices they were requesting. Same for the meat. This place ask for $50 for dinner per person and we did not eat nearby that amount of money because the selection was so poor the meat was overcooked. I personally don't want an apology I rather have some of my money back that I spent because I could have thrown the money in the air rather than give it to Texas de Brazil.i have been to other locations which was way better quality. Fungo de Chao was so much better the class and the style of their presentation was on a whole different level. Dining downtown Chicago The Experience should have been so much more. The waiters or waitresses was not as knowledgeable about everything. The best part about my meal is getting the drink at the bar the bartender she was wonderful besides everybody else I am lost for words we even try to get one of the management attention and he looked at us like are they talking to me so on that note I can only lead them or what they deserve was a one-star.
Tara Taylor · March 9, 2018