Texas de Brazil
All-you-can-eat Brazilian steakhouse
Steakhouse · International Drive · $$$
The Zagat Review
Expect to be "rolled out" of this I-Drive link of the Brazilian churrascaria chain, a "high-end" "meat lover's paradise" where "strolling gauchos" deliver a "never-ending selection" of "deliciously prepared" , "mouthwatering" meat "until you scream ‘no mas'" ; the "huge" , "heavenly" salad bar completes the "pig-out" experience, and while it doesn't come cheap, most are satisfied since you get "lots of food for lots of bucks."
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location 5259 International Drive Ste. #1, Orlando, FL 32819, USA phone +1 407-355-0355 website texasdebrazil.com directions Get Directions
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Google Reviews
Went here for dinner with some out of town friends. The wait staff was phenomenal! Super attentive and polite. One of our friends has a peanut allergy and when we told the server about it we got a table touch from the manager and he explained everything my friend should avoid if he doesn't want to die. So that was pretty cool of him. They also have sangria to die for. Both the red and white were great but in my opinion the white was superb!
J. Benzaia · June 13, 2018
I took my husband here on a Friday evening for an early Father’s Day, with another couple. We had reservations for 8p and were seated right away. Our server asked us how we liked our meat cooked, two of us medium, the other two medium well. Not once did a piece of medium well meat come around. It was either medium or rare, so there was many meats we did not get to eat. I usually love the sausage, but the skin was so hard this time around I could not even cut it. I waited for another rack to come around and it was the same, over cooked. The restaurant was not busy, but everyone seemed very rushed. I don’t believe we will return to this location.
Erin Wiggins · June 18, 2018
Salad bar is pretty good and they have enough options to fill you up. The meat was tasty delicious!!! All the staff that day were courteous and friendly. The only downside was that the meat took a long time to make it to our table. We ended up filling up on salad bar and by the time the meat started coming we were all full. I will definitely go back and not fall for the salad bar trap. I was not able to have all the option they said they had since some never even made it to us. Restaurant was clean and as I mentioned the food is delicious and definitely worth a visit! If you are visiting Orlando I do recommend checking this place out.
Rhay Fe · April 18, 2018