The Baked Bear
Canteen with custom ice cream sandwiches
Ice Cream · Pacific Beach · $
Ice cream sandwiches get personal at this sweet and casual SoCal chain. Patrons start by choosing from a base of donut, brownie or cookie (flavors include chocolate, cookies and cream, red velvet, peanut butter) before filling it with their choice of ice cream.
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location 4516 Mission Blvd, San Diego, CA 92109, USA phone +1 858-886-7433 website directions Get Directions
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Google Reviews
Yummmmy. This is my second time here and it was as good as the first. This is a dessert shop popular for their ice cream cookie sandwiches. Basically, you go to the counter and pick out the cookies you want— there is a huge variety of flavors from chocolate chip to red velvet to cookies and cream. You pick out ice cream also with several flavors (you can sample). And after if you want to heat up the cookie, they can put the ice cream sandwich in a machine that heats the cookie BUT NOT THE ICE CREAM!!! *BOOM* mind blown!! If you don’t want cookies they have other options like brownies and waffles. Waffles are not very good. They are supposedly “Belgium” waffles but are Not! The waffle is too soft and soggy. They also offer cookie bowls and toppings. What a fun place right by the beach. Check it out!!
Rebecca Lu · January 20, 2018
Customer service is top notch, they do not hesitate to explain to you about how to order. I am NOT an ice-cream lover neither chocolate. But when I asked to sample the Bear Batter flavor I FELL IN LOVE!! I ordered a bear bowl on a brownie with that delicious blue color ice cream. I also recommend the Birthday Cake flavor on a brownie. Busy street, but you can park where the Urban Outfitters store.
Celia González · January 9, 2018
This place is a gem. The service was quite good. Food was even better. For those on diets I do not recommend getting anywhere within sniffing distance of this location. I am working on decreasing my weight and suffered a major setback at this location. I recommend this place.
Ray Shively · January 25, 2018