Clubby steakhouse with live jazz
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The Zagat Review
"Majestic indeed" say fans of this "classic" Downtown KCMO steakhouse, where "succulent" fare and live jazz in the basement are hallmarks, along with a "beautiful" space in a historic building that channels "a 1930s speakeasy" ; a few find it "too pricey" , but for most, the "delightful, well-informed" staff and "relaxed" atmosphere make up the difference.
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location 931 Broadway Blvd, Kansas City, MO 64105, USA phone +1 816-221-1888 website directions Get Directions
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Google Reviews
The atmosphere was a nice mix of old style saloon, with a modern twist, while maintaining the historic feel. Reminded you of the old (mid)west from the mid1800’s. Clean lines, though. Service was good. The menu is heavily beef oriented. I’d had beef several previous days, so I decided on roasted chicken breast. It was ok, fairly well seasoned, but a little dry. They had a few specials, including 2 large beef medallions with two huge scallops on top. Two people in my parties got that, and really enjoyed them and said they were delicious. The English toffee bread pudding was delicious.
Gail Latimore · May 7, 2018
This used to be the best the most awesome place to eat breakfast and we did very often on Saturday mornings because there is literally nobody there so no wait. However a few weeks ago we were there and the food was not as good. It down hill and so we thought we probably wouldn't go again.
elora thorpe · April 29, 2018
As the mother of two sons in the restaurant business, when I encounter poor service I usually try to look for the reasons behind it. Are they short-staffed? Is the server too new/poorly trained? However, there was no excuse for what happened in out visit to the Majestic last night. We had late dinner plans, so all we wanted was a glass of wine and an appetizer. We got there right as the restaurant opened and took a seat at the bar. All was fine as we ordered and were served our first glass. Since the bartender was a little slammed with orders for the tables that had been seated, we waited before asking for a charcuterie plate. The bartender then launched into a long rant on why he could not serve food at the bar. Sounded like total BS to me, husband then went to the host to ask if a table was available so we could order appetizers. She appeared a little surprised and said we could order at the bar or in the lower level cafe. So we again asked the bartender and were given the same BS. We were ready to ask for our check and walk out, when mysteriously he said he would "give it a try" if we still wanted to place an order. We did, but we definitely will not return to the Majestic again.
Linda Baltes · March 18, 2018