The Mermaid Inn
Seafood spot with popular oyster deal
Seafood · West 80s · $$$
The Zagat Review
Like dining “at the shore” , these New England–inspired “standbys” supply “spot-on” seafood highlighted by a most “worthy lobster roll” ; trade-offs include “high decibels” and “tight quarters” (although the expanded UWS outpost is “more comfortable” ), especially when the “unbeatable happy hour” rolls around with its “swell” oyster deals.
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location 570 Amsterdam Avenue, New York, NY 10024, USA phone +1 212-799-7400 website directions Get Directions
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Outdoor seating
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Google Reviews
Disappointing performance yesterday from Mermaid. Heavy blizzard in NYC, trains a disaster and many cancelled, subways delayed. Due to slow trains, we got to Mermaid 20 minutes after our reservation. Was told they could only hold for 15 minutes so they gave away our table and sent us back out into the cold. Alternatively, we could wait 30 minutes for the next table. Thanks for being considerate and understanding IN A BLIZZARD. I get the reservation situation and am familiar with the so-called 15 minute rule but it's not like this is 11 Madison. I was surprised and disappointed that this normally pleasant place copped an attitude when we needed them most! I was even more surprised that we didn't get any priority with the next availability. It was like we were dead to them over 5 minutes IN A BLIZZARD. Next time we won't bother them with our attendance. We left and had an enjoyable meal down the street.
Scott Watson · March 22, 2018
Great Happy hour menu from 5pm-7pm. Wonderful, fresh oysters! I love the fish tacos and the shrimp sliders. Also, super yummy brunch on the weekends. Fast and friendly service, nice atmosphere. I recommend making a reservation, it's a popular place and it's usually packed.
maya lahyani · February 24, 2018
Tiled wall and floor venue with seafood a speciality. Family friendly so there are often strollers dotted around. Delicious food and friendly, attentive staff. I like the bar seating although it can be cold near to the door
Mark Jewell · March 10, 2018