Three Muses
Cozy club & eatery showcasing live jazz
Eclectic · Faubourg Marigny · $$
The Zagat Review
“Cool factor? this joint has it in spades” muse fans of these dimly lit hideaways offering “imaginative” Eclectic small plates accompanied by “great” live jazz; regulars at the “tiny” Faubourg Marigny original don't mind “getting intimate with the folks sitting next to them” , while the Uptown offshoot boasts larger digs, a more expansive menu and a similar vibe.
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hours Open Today · 5:00 PM - 11:00 PM
5:00 PM - 11:00 PM
5:00 PM - 11:00 PM
5:00 PM - 11:00 PM
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location 536 Frenchmen Street, New Orleans, LA 70116, USA phone +1 504-252-4801 website directions Get Directions
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Private rooms
Great cocktails
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Google Reviews
Gorgeous and great food & drink. The lamb sliders are excellent, the Earl Grey Gardens is simply the best adult beverage I've ever had. The ambiance and atmosphere is incredible. I was worried it'd be too young and full of hipsters for my liking but was proven wrong. Very nice place. Will go back again!
Jessica J · December 21, 2017
Food, service and band (Shotgun) were great, but the wait to be seated was long (45 minutes) even with reservations. To be fair, it was a Saturday night, so patrons were lingering longer. It's a fine line to walk - you don't want to seem to be rushing patrons out, but keeping others waiting isn't cool either. We turned our table over really, really fast. I wish others would have done the same and moved their party to the bar.
Scott Mcnulty · December 31, 2017
SO Disappointed. Staff were all friendly when we arrived but we were quickly forgotten about. We finished our drinks prior to our meal and so we tried to get the waitresses attention to get another drink for 45 minutes, the runners dropped our plates too quickly for us to mention it to them and when she eventually showed up to clear our table of stacked and empty plates we just asked for the cheque. I ordered the $15 cheese platter which was an absolute wrought. 3 slices of cheese, 4 small slices of French stick, 4 thin slices of apple, 1 tiny square of pâté and some nuts. Left me hungrier than I sat down but even if I wanted to order something else there was no way of ordering with no waiter. My partners tempura shrimp was again very small but delicious, he was very happy if a little hungry. To top it off the Musicians were very lack lustre and bored during the show and pushy regarding tips - “$20 is just if you think we’re okay”, I would have tipped better if they hadn’t been so obnoxious about it. They only played for about 20 minutes for the hour or so we were there and spent a good 5 whinging about how they deserved to be out to dinner on a Saturday night too. I’m an artist, I know it’s rough but you make it work and be grateful for what you’ve got. Such a shame, we were looking forward to a special night out but this was the opposite.
Ishkoodah Schofield-Jones · January 14, 2018