Wolfgang's Steakhouse Park Avenue
Elegant destination for steak & seafood
Steakhouse · Murray Hill · $$$$
The Zagat Review
“Masterfully done” steaks “with all the trimmings” lure “business” types and other “enthusiastic carnivores” to these “high-energy” chop shops also touted for their “outstanding” wine lists, “old-school” service and “awesome ceilings” in the Park Avenue outlet; “holler” -worthy noise and “sticker-shock” tabs notwithstanding, it’s a “top contender” in its genre.
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location 4 Park Ave, New York, NY 10016, United States phone +1 212-889-3369 website www.wolfgangssteakhouse.net directions Get Directions
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Google Reviews
Rarely my brother-in-law's family come up to New Jersey/New York. But recently due to a soccer tournament for one of his granddaughters, almost everyone came. Staying away from the "Big Apple" as much as I can, it was decided that because of a rain cancellation in play we would all head to NYC. Fortunately, by the time we reach the city everyone was hungry, normally this would present a problem on where to go, this time our oldest nephew was with us and he knew the city. This steakhouse was a classical steakhouse by every standard. Arched ceilings, professional looking staff, white tablecloth...it was all there. The steaks are ordered by the number of people at the table, these steaks are probably the best steaks (worked in the cattle market for 43 years) I have ever had the privilege to consume. Tender, melt-in-your-mouth texture...they were fantastic. The sides of lobster and mac, spinach and potatoes were also noteworthy. Of note, the nephew picked up the tables bill!
Jack Chellew · May 29, 2018
My family and I flew up from FL to NY to celebrate New Year's Eve 2015. Needless to say, the place was packed and we could not get close to the Time Square perimeter. So, with no other plans that night, we decided to spend it at a restaurant. Luckily, we managed to get a table at Wolfgang's Steakhouse; we were sat moderately fast, within ten minutes of arrival, for such a busy night. Service was great, very prompt. Non of us had a complaint about the food, food was great. I had a medium-rare stake that was superbly delicious. It was a wonderful experience, we had a great time. I will definitely recommend this restaurant and will most definitely revisit. CHEERS!
Victor Garay · May 7, 2018
Worst service ever. A waiter told us a price and another waiter took the order. Then they charge double price for a steak we did not order (they refused to change it). It was horrible service and a big big mistake to eat there. Go somewhere else or you'll loose your money on something you did not order and the staff does not want to change anything and they seem proud to steel money.... Beurk... I felt like garbage there. Never ever again. The staff was impolite and mean. The director also.
Émilie Bélair · June 16, 2018