Xi'an Famous Foods
Casual spot for Xi'an-style Chinese food
Chinese · East 70s · $
The Zagat Review
Fans of “banging” hand-pulled noodles discover “fiery” “nirvana” at this “burgeoning” Western Chinese chain also famed for cumin-lamb burgers so “insanely good” that they have their own “cult following” ; “zero decor” and “cramped” seating are offset by ultra- “cheap” tabs.
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location 328 East 78th Street, New York, NY 10075, USA website xianfoods.com directions Get Directions
Google Reviews
Forget everything you think you know about Chinese food... western Chinese is totally different and awesome. They use a lot more cumin and anise and magical chili oils to get their spice, but they don't blow your head off with it. No delivery, which sucks, but I park on the hydrant up the block and run in and grab it to go. They're pretty quick with the takeout orders, so no tickets yet. Fingers crossed. Cucumber salad is a hidden gem on their menu. The only thing where extreme caution is urged... consuming the noodles quickly can cause droplets of chili to appear on white shirts.
Baileys Corner · February 7, 2018
Mind-blowing. My boyfriend and I are Bengali Muslim and Chinese (respectively) and we loved this place so much we went twice during our brief time in NYC. We've had Xi'An food before, but this place is better. My favorite were definitely the cold skinned noodles, with the hand pulled noodles a close second. The price was right and the flavors perfectly balanced. I miss it already.
Serina Gee · February 17, 2018
This place has great fresh noodles with a lot of good vegetarian options. It is usually very hard to find good, authentic Chinese food that is reliably vegetarian friendly, but Xi'an has done it! Their menu clearly labels what is and isn't vegetarian. The cold skin noodles either cold or pan fried are both delicious. They have this chewy tofu skin in it that is very satisfying. Spicy Hot Oil Seared Noodles are also delicious. They are a broader noodle with cabbage and spicy garlicky seasoning. I wasn't as impressed with the spinach dumplings and won't be ordering them again, but the noodles are so good that you don't really need dumplings anyway. The broth that the dumplings came in was tasty and satisfying. The tiger vegetables salad is refreshing and filled with good flavour and texture. It is basically a lightly dressed salad with cilantro, celery leaves, green onions, and other herbs and spices. I just wish they could make the food spicier, as their "spiciest" level is not really that spicy at all.
Russell Levine · December 27, 2017