Han Dynasty

Chinese | Old City

The “life-changing” dan dan noodles and other “wonderful” Sichuan dishes at Han Chiang’s "energetic" Chinese chain bring plenty of “well-flavored heat”; "high ceilings make for a sense of intimacy" at the Old City flagship, and the bar is a "great spot for happy hour or late-night" over “high-end libations.”


123 Chestnut Street | Map
Philadelphia, Pennsylvania 19106

Today's hours

11:30am - 10:30pm
Monday 11:30am - 10:00pm
Tuesday 11:30am - 10:00pm
Wednesday 11:30am - 12:00am
Thursday 11:30am - 10:00pm
Friday 11:30am - 10:30pm
Saturday 11:30am - 10:30pm
Sunday 11:30am - 10:00pm

Han Dynasty

123 Chestnut Street
Philadelphia, Pennsylvania 19106