Piccolo Cafe

Italian | West 70s

These “cheerful” cafes are linked to a Italy-based coffee roaster, so count on espresso from imported beans and “real Italian” bites including “delicious” pastas and panini; just don't expect much seating because, as the name implies, they're “teensy-weensy.”


313 Amsterdam Ave | Map
New York, New York 10023

Today's hours

8:00am - 11:00pm
Monday 8:00am - 11:00pm
Tuesday 8:00am - 11:00pm
Wednesday 8:00am - 11:00pm
Thursday 8:00am - 11:00pm
Friday 8:00am - 11:00pm
Saturday 9:00am - 11:00pm
Sunday 9:00am - 11:00pm

Piccolo Cafe

313 Amsterdam Ave
New York, New York 10023

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